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Rolling Out Microsoft BitLocker Without Headaches

by DriveLock
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Bitlocker disk encryption - how it works 

BitLocker is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes. It also helps prevent a thief from running a software hacking tool from breaking Windows files and performing offline viewing of the files stored on the safeguarded drive. BitLocker is a security feature which encrypts your computer hard drive where the data will be unintelligible to the reader without an encryption key. This encryption key comes in either of two forms: one for your hard drive on your computer and the other on a mobile format such as a USB. 

'BitLocker helps mitigate unauthorised data access by enhancing file and system protection. BitLocker also helps render data inaccessible when BitLocker-protected computers are decommissioned or recycled' - Microsoft Windows IT Pro Center

BitLocker integrates well into your Windows platform including Active Directory integration as it is a component of the Windows desktop operating systems. You can choose how much of your drive you want to encrypt, which is great if you want to simply encrypt sensitive data while leaving eveyrthing else alone. With Microsoft BitLocker, a BitLocker key is required everytime you boot up your computer. You have the security and assurance of having a product developed by Microsoft.

Why this matters to You

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has implemented the Mandatory Notifiable Data Breach (NBD) Scheme earlier this year. This regulation requires organisations to notify the OAIC of data breaches likely to cause harm, as well as the individuals affected. This targets businesses and non-profit organisations with more than A$3 million annual turnovers and which handle the Australian public’s personal information. 

You need to protect your company's intellectual property from both internal and external threats. Developers and IT analysts are provided with company laptops which often contain troves of source code and private keys to very sensitive systems. One of the best functions of BitLocker is the protection against IP theft, and another is against unauthorised access.

Full-disk encryption is the easiest and most effective way to secure all of your data in your drive. This means that if your laptop ever gets stolen or is lost, the confidential data in the encrypted drive will never be compromised. Thus providing the level of data security needed for your mobile users and also peace of mind. BitLocker excels at this, which is the reason why so many businesses enable it by default. If you are a power user, you can go further by encrypting partitions and additional volumes, or just turn it on for simple full-disk encryption while you use something else for specific files and folders. 

How DriveLock extends BitLocker Management

If you are implementing BitLocker for the entire enterprise, it may appear intimidating as key management in BitLocker is a real challenge. Placing it in your build process and managing it centrally is therefore recommended and we can help. Drivelock provides additional functionality to centrally manage Bitlocker pre-boot authentication, encryption keys and algorithms, and of course, disk recovery.

We offer a best-in-class solution for managing BitLocker on your Windows endpoints from a single management console. This allows you to effectively and quickly rollout Bitlocker. DriveLock also prov ides a compliance dashboard to view the encryption status of all machines within the organisation. 

In today's world of IT, the encryption of data is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. Safeguard your data and safeguard your business. 

Use DriveLock today for the Central Management of BitLocker to ease your cybersecurity burden. 

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