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Log4j Zero-Day Exploit: Vulnerability Scanner Shows a Need for Attention

Image source: iStock Log4j has been the talk of the town for several weeks now. We have also...

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Log4j Hack – the Patch Came Too Late

Source: iStock "In a sensational wave of attacks, tens of thousands of servers worldwide fell...

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DriveLock Products Not Affected by Log4j Vulnerability

Source iStock National information security authorities are warning: A critical vulnerability,...

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Could Kaseya VSA supply chain ransomware attack have been prevented?

The background story is that despite the existence of the Kaseya vulnerability, a decent endpoint...

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Textbook cyberattack on US pipeline operator

Source: iStock Stay on the "bright side of life". Recently, the attack by the "Darkside” hacker...

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Microsoft Exchange hack - when the patch came, it was already too late

Bildquelle: iStock Among a high-profile wave of cyberattacks in March 2021, tens of thousands...

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Australian Businesses Under Attack - How To Protect Yourself

On June 19, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison reported that businesses are targeted by a ...

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EDR - the Sherlock Holmes of cyber security

Source: iStock On the trail towards EDR In our last blog post "Silent hacker attacks and the...

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Silent hacker attacks and the need for detection mechanisms

Again and again, we read about hacking incidents where attackers can spy on a company, an authority...

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4 Essential Strategies for IT Security

The Base Formula for Preventing Cyber Security Incidents