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News, Information and Tips about IT SecurityTo the Blog


News, information and tips on IT security. Protect your endpoints with DriveLock's effective security solution.

BitLocker Management

Secured disc with a red lock

6 min read

Why is BitLocker activation alone not enough?

Against the backdrop of growing threats to corporate data, hard drive encryption is no longer an option, but a necessity. BitLocker, Windows'...

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Shocked man in front of computer

6 min read

Desperately Seeking a BitLocker Recovery Key!

National Security authorities recommend hard disk encryption as an effective measure for protecting data on desktop clients and notebooks in a...

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Holzwürfel mit Buchstaben

1 min read

Release 2021.2 – DriveLock Operations Center is the Central Console

The second major release of this year is notably not only for extensive improvements but also for the unification of management and configuration...

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Wooden dices with letters on them

1 min read

New functions and enhancements in DriveLock Release 2020.2

Updated features include early threat detection, application control, the DriveLock Operations Center and more Munich, Germany. February 19th 2021 –...

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Wooden dices with a letters on them

4 min read

New DriveLock 2020.1 release includes multiple enhancements

Munich, Germany. 01.07.2020 – DriveLock today unveiled its new Release 2020.1 that offers a wide range of enhancements and extensions. The new...

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A smart phone in front of a laptop

3 min read

3 Data Encryption Facts Your Business Needs To Know

Data breaches and cyber threats loom like shadows in the digital landscape, underscoring the importance of encryption as a fundamental safeguard for...

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