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Security compliance for the regulatory and public sector with DriveLock Zero Trust Platform

This Whitepaper provides tips for the 
necessary IT Security measures

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As part of the critical infrastructure, the public sector has particularly high demands on the security of data and IT systems.

The security requirement from the citizens and the control organisations in government institutions and organisations are high. Standards such as those of the BSI and the GDPR must be met. DriveLock security ecosystem, with its Zero Trust solutions, ensures noticeable relief in IT operations while maintains the maximum data security.

Government-Organisation-Specific Security Standards

Authorities are part of the critical infrastructure. The local, state, federal and especially the society demand high data and IT systems security.

There are numerous mandatory security requirements for sensitive information, including personal data of every citizen and foreigner.

These range from device control to access rights, networks, data, to documentation. There are also eGovernment laws which regulate protection concepts and mechanisms of the digital government systems.

Our Solutions

With DriveLock, you can establish effective policy compliance and prevention measures according to the Zero Trust model for the all-round protection of personal and official data.

❯ Granular device control and access control to external storage media

❯ Ensure data integrity and encryption at every stage of the lifecycle

❯ Prevention and automated response to attacks

❯ Secure multi-factor authentication, Authorisation procedures and integration of existing user directories (Active Directory)

❯ Monitoring and logging of all data accesses and changes in the system

❯ Minimisation of human errors through more education and automation

DriveLock's Application Control module has effectively protected our Company from ransomware and its serious consequences on more than one occasion.
Oliver Mummert
IT-Service Department l City of Gütersloh

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DriveLock Application Control and Device Control reliably protect IT systems and devices from unauthorised access and data loss.


Want to know how you can protect data in authorities and public institutions from loss? This white paper provides tips for the necessary IT security measures.

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DriveLock's Device Control and Application Control solutions are certified according to Common Criteria EAL 3+ by the independent Swedish CSEC authority.

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DriveLock and its partner, CANCOM Public GmbH, are listed in the “Kaufhaus“, an electronic purchasing platform for the Federal Government.

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