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14 Mar 2023
1 min read

Arved Graf von Stackelberg is the new CEO of DriveLock

Strategic change in the top management at DriveLock Munich, March 14, 2023 - Effective January 1,...

1 min read

Far Ahead and High Up

DriveLock with a new look & feel DriveLock has enhanced its brand identity as part of the strategic...

02 Aug 2022
3 min read

PUR-S 2021: DriveLock is the Endpoint Protection Champion

IT and data security specialist achieves top results in user survey.  

4 min read

Cyber Hygiene Practices: Tips and Checklist

Cyber hygiene - these are simple security principles that every organisation should know and...

4 min read

Security Awareness and Zero Trust for Cybersecurity Education

In our article "Security Awareness Programs: IT Security Starts with the Users." we discussed...

5 min read

Security Awareness Programs: IT Security Starts with the Users

What Distinguishes Sustainable Security Awareness Campaigns

4 min read

Cyber Security Awareness Training - How It Works

More and more new malware variants and so-called fileless attack vectors threaten corporate...

3 min read

Desperately Seeking a BitLocker Recovery Key!

Source: iStock National Security authorities recommend hard disk encryption as an effective...

4 min read

DriveLock support to achieve mandated CMMC and NIST certifications

Image source: iStock/Kinwun DriveLock helps US Defense suppliers to fulfill standards mandated...

3 min read

Log4j Zero-Day Exploit: Vulnerability Scanner Shows Need for Attention

Image source: iStock Log4j has been the talk of the town for several weeks now. We have also...