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News, Information and Tips about IT SecurityTo the Blog


News, information and tips on IT security. Protect your endpoints with DriveLock's effective security solution.

Endpoint Security

Coded detection system

4 min read

Beyond Firewalls: How an Intrusion Detection System Safeguards Your Business?

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) emerges as a stalwart defender, standing vigilant to detect and thwart potential threats within computer...

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Woman writing on a keyboard

10 min read

Unseen Invaders: Exploring the World of Computer Worms

In our increasingly digital landscape, the importance of understanding and defending against computer worms cannot be overstated. Whether you're a...

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Man touching on a email icon

9 min read

An In-Depth Handbook on Preventing Email Phishing Attacks

In the age of digital connectivity, organizations and businesses are more reliant on email communication than ever before. While email serves as a...

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Two teammates in front of DriveLocks' laptop

6 min read

Best Practices for Endpoint Security for your Business

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, endpoint security stands as the frontline defense against a myriad of cyber threats. As organizations...

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DriveLocks Stand auf der Messe

1 min read

DriveLock's new brand identity

DriveLock with a new look & feel DriveLock has enhanced its brand identity as part of the strategic focus to position its endpoint protection...

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Safety first banner

6 min read

13 tips to improve IT security while working from home

From one of our previous post, "Coronavirus calls hackers to the scene", we are already informed about basic precautions and protection measures we...

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Back view of a programmer sitting and writing code in a dark room

1 min read

Protection in your home office

As we brace ourselves to contain the spread of Covid-19 globally, it is of utmost importance for companies and enterprises to upkeep their business...

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