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News, Information and Tips about IT SecurityTo the Blog

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We want to offer our customers the best service around our security solution. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help you find a solution. If you are receiving first level support through one of our partners, please contact them.

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If you have a maintenance contract with DriveLock, open a ticket here.

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Quick support and technical documentation is available in our DriveLock Knowledgebase.

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Share your opinion and give feedback about our products. You can also vote on other users' ideas.

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Request access to the Service Desk


Here you request your individual access data to the DriveLock Service Desk. We only grant access to customers and partners with an active DriveLock maintenance contract. Please note that we do not create shared user accounts for security reasons


DriveLock erhält von Teletrust das IT Security Siegel - made in Germany DriveLock ist Leader im Bereich Data Leakage Loss Prevention in Deutschland PUR_S_2024_Award_Endpoint_Protection_quer PUR_S_2024_Award_Vulnerability_Management_quer microsoft-gold-partner-845x680-1 Mitglied TeleTrust Mitglied bitkom Mitgliedschaft ACS DsiN Mitglied DriveLock erhält von Teletrust das IT Security Siegel - made in EU DriveLock mit seiner Endpoint Protection Platform gewinnt den InfoSec Award des Cyber Defense Magazine Techconsult: Professional User Rating Security Solutions 2022- DriveLock als Champion in Lösungsbereich Endpoint Protection BDSV Mitglied ECSO Updated logo