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Far Ahead and High Up

DriveLock with a new look & feel DriveLock has enhanced its brand identity as part of the strategic...

02 Aug 2022
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PUR-S 2021: DriveLock is the Endpoint Protection Champion

IT and data security specialist achieves top results in user survey.  

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Security Awareness and Zero Trust for Cybersecurity Education

In our article "Security Awareness Programs: IT Security Starts with the Users." we discussed...

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Desperately Seeking a BitLocker Recovery Key!

Source: iStock National Security authorities recommend hard disk encryption as an effective...

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DriveLock support to achieve mandated CMMC and NIST certifications

Image source: iStock/Kinwun DriveLock helps US Defense suppliers to fulfill standards mandated...

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Log4j Hack – the Patch Came Too Late

Source: iStock "In a sensational wave of attacks, tens of thousands of servers worldwide fell...

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PUR-S 2022: DriveLock Stays as the Endpoint Protection Champion

Image source: iStock Another Top Result from the User Survey Among IT Security Experts ...

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Release 2021.2 – DriveLock Operations Center is the Central Console for Everything

Image source: iStock The second major release of this year is notably not only for extensive...

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Could Kaseya VSA supply chain ransomware attack have been prevented?

The background story is that despite the existence of the Kaseya vulnerability, a decent endpoint...

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Are you Essential 8 Compliant yet?

Source: iStock “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those...