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PUR-S 2021: DriveLock is the Endpoint Protection Champion

by DriveLock on 02. Aug. 2022
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IT and data security specialist achieves top results in user survey

Munich - With its first participation in the Professional User Rating - Security Solutions (PUR-S) by techconsult, DriveLock SE has secured a champion position. As one of the leading international specialists for IT and data security, DriveLock was particularly convincing in the area of Endpoint Protection solutions.

"We are particularly pleased to be positioned as a champion, this rating reflects the trust of our customers and confirms that we are on the right track in meet the needs of our customers," commented Anton Kreuzer, CEO of DriveLock on the PUR-S 2021 result.
"Attack tactics are becoming more sophisticated and IT security specialists are scarce. As a specialised vendor with a broad range of solutions and appropriately trained professionals, we can reliably protect our customers' systems and endpoints from the growing threat of cybercrime."

PUR-S 2021: Drivelock's position 

Diamant Professional User Rating PUR-S 2021

Our Positioning in PUR-S Diamond "Endpoint Protection" PUR-S 2021 is the fourth survey conducted by techconsult. More than 2,000 user companies took part in the survey and evaluated IT security manufacturers and their solutions. Out of 32 vendors in the Endpoint Protection area, 18 were able to secure a spot in the results diamond. Due to particularly good user ratings, DriveLock is one of five companies to achieve the Champion ranking where the survey results from two dimensions were combined for the final positioning.

The vendor rating (Company Rating) includes criteria related to Endpoint Protection solution vendors. One area in which DriveLock scored particularly well in is the "innovative strength of the provider.” With a total of 90 out of 100 index points, DriveLock achieved the highest level of satisfaction in the competitive comparison. Next, the Solution Rating is all about the specific Endpoint Protection solutions, performance, ease of use, and actual solution value where DriveLock stood out from the average with a score of 82.2 out of a possible 100.

Anton Kreuzer adds: "We continue to develop our product portfolio in a dynamic and market-oriented manner, pursuing the idea of a contemporary and holistic Zero Trust Security approach. Everyone is now talking about the concept - we were early adopters and offer effective IT security solutions for all phases of the Zero Trust process."

Endpoint Security in 2021

Endpoint security is one of the most important issues when it comes to protecting your business. A multi-layered and holistic security strategy is indispensable with the large number of possible attack scenarios and is further enhanced with the increased proportion of home office workplaces. This makes it all the more important for companies with a backlog in cybersecurity to turn to competent and trustworthy IT security specialists.

"The consistent positive individual evaluations of DriveLock at both vendor and solution level demonstrates the confidence of the users," explains Raphael Napieralski, Project Manager at techconsult. "The ratings show that the Endpoint Protection solution fully meets modern requirements and the vendor's claims. All of these outstanding results mean that users recommend DriveLock without reservation and would choose DriveLock as their endpoint protection vendor anytime."

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