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DriveLock SE secures €3.0 million capital raise

by DriveLock on 19. Nov. 2018
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Munich, November 19th, 2018 – DriveLock SE, the industrial Internet-of-Things (“IIoT”) endpoint protection specialist headquarted in Munich (Germany) with offices in San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore, has successfully completed a €3.0 million capital raise, in order to further expand and strengthen the research & development team. The investment round was led by majority investor Nordwind Capital with participation from existing internal and new external shareholders.
DriveLock offers a comprehensive cutting-edge next generation cybersecurity suite. Due to its unique architecture and features, DriveLock enables enterprises, governments and organizations to effectively and efficiently prepare for and respond to cyberattacks on their industrial IoT environment as well as their general IT infrastructure. With more than 3.0 m protected endpoints and 3,000+ customers, DriveLock is one of the most experienced IoT cybersecurity providers worldwide and uniquely positioned to exploit the huge market opportunities in industrial IoT.
Furthermore, DriveLock is a first-mover to face the advent of machine learning in the cybersecurity space, currently being the only company to successfully run predictive Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) based Application Whitelisting on a global scale for major industrial corporations. Contrary to other solutions, DriveLock offers cloud-based AI for open-circuit environments, as well as on premise AI on the agent level for closed circuit environments with offline IIoT devices. Thus, protecting against both todays and tomorrows cybersecurity threats to IT environments in the industrial and office sector.
DriveLock has been tested in all major verticals affected by recent cybersecurity attacks, claiming multiple success stories throughout, especially with the prevention of zero-day exploits. Most notable achievements have been attained in sectors that have high regulatory compliance requirements such as health care, financial services, utilities, manufacturing and government-  military- and intelligence agencies. Due to the exceptional market potential of DriveLock’s unique technology, the company intends to significantly accelerate key business initiatives aimed at further product innovations and expanding the addressed markets.
About Nordwind Capital:
Nordwind Capital is an investment club that invests for an indefinite period in fast growing, profitable companies with an interesting technology. Typical situations include the expansion of the investor base for risk diversification of the former owner to a complete acquisition of a company as part of a succession plan.
About DriveLock SE:
DriveLock SE is one of the leading international specialists for cybersecurity software solutions. With its next generation endpoint protection platform based on AI, the company is one of the first in the industry to provide intelligent, self-learning cybersecurity software for the industrial IoT sector. Using Application Control with Predictive Whitelisting, DriveLock prevents the execution of ransomware, even if it is not yet known. The security platform can be optimally adapted to the requirements of every customer via its very granular parameterization. In addition to the AI module, the platform offers application- and device control, as well as the encryption of hard disks (FDE) and mobile data carriers for all types of endpoints.

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