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DriveLock and DataStore enter into distribution partnership

by DriveLock on 04. Apr. 2023
DriveLock and DataStore enter into distribution partnership

DataStore is integrating German vendor DriveLock into its enhanced IT security portfolio


Munich, April 4, 2023 - DriveLock, one of the world’s leading specialists in IT and data security, today announced its partnership with DataStore AG. Its overarching objective in this partnership is to become a digitalization enabler for organizations, not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany and throughout Europe.

Building a strong partner network of proficient IT security experts ensures that all Swiss organizations are included, regardless of their size or sector. At the same time, cloud-based cybersecurity is regarded as one of the most important drivers of comprehensive digitalization.

As a genuine, innovative value-added distributor (VAD), DataStore AG is a leading provider in the data center market, supporting its customers and partners with high-quality products from a variety of vendors. It offers complete solutions from a single source, including consulting, installation, support and training. In 2013, DataStore AG added the Cyber Security division to its portfolio, which has experienced considerable growth ever since.

Michael Zein“This partnership enables us to successfully pursue our ambitious goal and protect more Swiss companies against cyber threats with our zero trust platform. This agreement is also the result of growing demand for effective, future-proof cybersecurity solutions in Switzerland, and underscores our efforts to expand our market presence. We are looking forward to working with the DataStore team,” says Michael Zein, Vice President Sales DACH at DriveLock SE, commenting on the cooperation.


When it comes to protecting company data, end devices and IT systems, DriveLock uses the latest technologies, experienced security experts and zero-trust endpoint protection solutions. Zero trust represents a paradigm shift in today’s security architectures in line with the principle “never trust, always verify”. The cloud-based solutions boast multi-layered security, flexible availability and economic efficiency thanks to low investment costs.

For optimal defense against cyberattacks before the onset of (financial) damage, companies can employ a range of measures to safeguard their IT infrastructures, in particular critical infrastructures.
At DataStore AG, the focus is on rapid detection and appropriate response. Combined, these are referred to as extended detection and response (XDR).  

XDR is additionally supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a result, DataStore can offer 24/7 monitoring and proactively identify external attacks – whether they come from endpoints, networks or the cloud.

Stefan Beeler-DataStore AG“What makes DriveLock’s solution so interesting is that it addresses precisely the challenges that cybersecurity teams are currently facing,” explains Stefan Beeler, CEO of DataStore AG. “With this proficient partner by their side, companies benefit from a solution that not only simplifies their security concept in a very short space of time, but also simultaneously increases efficiency. This is a valuable addition to our partner network, and we look forward to a successful partnership with DriveLock.”


About DataStore AG

DataStore-LogoAs a value-added distributor, DataStore AG specializes in data centers and cybersecurity technologies. Selected products from leading vendors give DataStore partners the ability to offer complete solutions to their customers. It also offers advice, installation, support and training. As a Swiss market leader, DataStore AG has offices in Spreitenbach (Aargau) and Gland (Vaud).

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