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3 Benefits of a Managed Security Service

by DriveLock
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Complex security issues

In a world of complex cybersecurity issues and the continual rise of unanticipated threats, it has become a requirement for businesses and organisations to implement the latest technology in order to protect their data. Recent incidents involving Toyota Australia, the hack on Deloitte's email and client data, Singapore's SingTel routers exposed and many more, reveal how even large businesses are not protected from cybersecurity attacks. Not only will sensitive information be leaked or taken advantage of, but the business itself will have a reputation loss, stock prices will decline and potential jobs may be on the line. 

Consider this: 

You are the executive of your company. You are sent an email that there has been a breach of data on your company network and sensitive files from an upcoming product launch, which include customer data, have been compromised and are inaccessible. This could result from an employee simply inserting an unknown USB to a company networked device. In order to retrieve the data, you are asked to pay a significant amount of money. 

There are many variables in play here; breaches of compliance with data protection acts (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS), loss of budget, possible reputation loss and more. It can be overwhelming to manage the security of your company with security budgets, limited human resources and time. 

A growing solution that businesses are opting for are Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) from technology companies to better equip and prepare their defenses against emerging cyber threats. 


Benefits of Managed Security Services for your business

1. Cost and time savings

Company budgets are usually already stretched by expenditures on rent, salaries, equipment, legal services and more. On top of this, with the vast nature of cybersecurity threats, knowing what technology to purchase for your company becomes an impossible task. This is where MSSPs can help you save on the costs of paying security operation centres, save time on recruiting IT specialists and training them. The foundational security processes will be automated with MSSPs to save your time and money for your IT efforts to be focused on driving your business. 

2. Security experts with advanced technology

Early detection of security threats and its prevention is crucial for a business to function. MSSPs are also able to assess more intricate security tasks, for example, predictive whitelisting, incident response, threat assessments and more. Essentially, MSSP's have the skills and time to effectively implement the systems they manage so you don't have to. And having the right MSSP for you means you are provided with assistance to meet compliance needs and also provide a tailored cybersecurity program for your industry and business. 

3. Continuous oversight of your data 

MSSPs provides non-stop surveillance of your systems. Most MSSPs provide a layered security system and integrate with it the technology you already use. From a cloud-based service control, they can use the technology to deliver gap analysis reports, highlight critical vulnerabilities and provide you with central access. 

So be prepared. Be one step ahead of the threat. 

Drivelock's solution for you

IT security has become an arms race as businesses trying to keep up with constantly more sophisticated cyber attacks. Make the process of securing your data and assets easier and allow our industry experts to help you.

With DriveLock you will have an easy and readily available service, a dedicated cost plan for your business' needs and a holistic multilayer security shield to protect your data. We provide Machine Learning technology, Application Control, Device Control and Predictive Whitelisting. We provide direct servicing, industry expert technology and operations across the globe, so you can rely on our maintenance and support. 

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