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News, Information and Tips about IT SecurityTo the Blog

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2021.1 DriveLock release offers many improvements and enhancements

2021.1 DriveLock release offers many improvements and enhancements
Our first release in 2021 introduces many new features and gives our customers and interested parties an outlook on where we are heading with DriveLock. Providing the best possible protection for your computers and devices has top priority - especially in a high-risk situation we are currently facing during the pandemic, marked by home office activity, rapidly expanding IT with partly inadequate IT security precautions and increased cyber activity.

1. More control, less effort: Licensing is now modular and centralised

DriveLock’s new license modularisation is optimally adapted to customers’ needs. Each DriveLock Agent automatically reports the options it uses to the DriveLock Enterprise Service, thus eliminating the need to previously check computers from the central Active Directory service. Also, the DriveLock Operations Center (DOC) compares existing licenses and those currently in use.


2. New license option "Native Security" offers more possibilities

Microsoft Defender Firewall Management

With DriveLock you can specify precise rules for any group of people, any computer group or network environment, and any time of day or night.

Our ‘fine-tuning’ is now also available for Microsoft Defender's firewall rules under the Native Security license option: simply disable port sharing for computers in home offices (it’s only required in the corporate network) or restrict communication to a few encrypted connections, for example. If the home office computer is reconnected directly to the corporate network later, you can specify that communication relationships are automatically allowed again. This lets you close potential entry points for hackers in just a few steps. You have the choice whether to adjust only a few dynamic rules or to configure the entire firewall settings on your clients.

Security rules for local users and groups

Attackers tend to focus especially on local users and groups predefined under Windows so that they can gain extended privileges. DriveLock’s new version comes with extra protective features, allowing you to rename these accounts and providing them with changing and random passwords. This makes privilege escalation much more difficult and keeps hackers from taking over systems so easily. Same as firewall management, this feature is part of the new "Native Security" license option.


3. Device Control: Restrict Bluetooth connections

DriveLock 2021.1 now allows detailed settings for connecting devices via Bluetooth in the Device Control Module. This feature either prevents pairings with new devices completely or restricts them to the Bluetooth services you are using such as audio streaming or services required for HID devices like pens and keyboards. This effectively blocks syncing of contact data or transfer of files.

Bluetooth settings in the Device Control module

4. Automatic reports in DriveLock Operations Center DOC

Get a regular overview of the status of your security measures with the new automatic reports in the DOC. All reports can be completely customised using all existing graphs or table views. Create new custom widgets and use them in a report or for the DOC dashboards. Share reports with other users or save them as PDF and send them via email.

Drivelock Operations Center Reporting Application Control - Blocked Applications

More improvements

We implemented some customer requests and improved many details in the DOC. Other improvements in the new version 2021.1 include installing backend components in larger environments or connecting to SIEM system via Syslog.


How do I get the new version and where do I find information about it?

The new release is available for download in your DriveLock Management Console. Admins find it under "DriveLock Enterprise Services -> Product packages and files -> Software packages".

For more information on new features, fixed bugs and important update procedures, see the release notes on our online help page.

If you have questions about the release, please don't hesitate to contact your sales presentative.

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