How authorities can protect themselves against cyberattacks

The public sector targeted by attacks and obligated to regulation compliance.


The public sector as a target for cyberattacks

Digitisation in the public sector is steadily progressing. In an increasingly networked world, the growing number of cyber attacks on public institutions and the evolution of ever advanced malware, IT security is becoming more and more important. Particularly among public authorities, offices and public bodies, sensitive information such as personal data, identification numbers, tax numbers etc. are stored as data.

GDPR, the Australian Privacy Act and its ensuing amendments, as well as the Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) Essential Eight guideline to mitigate cyber risks describe data protection obligations and point out how data can be best protected, what threats exist and what technical and organisational measures are to be taken. These include, for example, prevention and response to cyber incidents, protection against malware, interface, and access control to external storage media, ensuring data integrity through encryption, secure authentication procedures (e.g. two-factor authentication) and employee awareness.

With this white paper, we would like to help you identify challenges and risks, and take precautions in cyber security. We would like to show how effective defence measures can be implemented with our „Zero Trust Platform“.



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