IT Security easy and instantly available - Free 30 days trial

Try any application scenario that is important for your company in your own cloud test environment.

The cloud-based endpoint solution includes:

Application Control

Device Control

BitLocker Management

Security Awareness,

and much more

We have prepared for you:

Example configurations that you can use to perform Proof of Concepts (PoC) tests.

Various use case configurations to explore different applications of the DriveLock Zero Trust platform.

DriveLock erhält von Teletrust das IT Security Siegel - made in Germany Techconsult: Professional User Rating Security Solutions 2022- DriveLock als Champion in Lösungsbereich Endpoint Protection DriveLock mit seiner Endpoint Protection Platform gewinnt den InfoSec Award des Cyber Defense Magazine DriveLock erhält von Teletrust das IT Security Siegel - made in EU DriveLock ist Leader im Bereich Data Leakage Loss Prevention in Deutschland

How does the testing phase work?


Following your registration, you will receive emails confirming your registration and activating your agent.


After successful activation, the DriveLock Agent is ready for download and installation.


To make it easier for you to test/evaluate the applications, we have prepared a number of examples for you.


After the 30 days test phase, you can decide whether you want to license DriveLock.

Convince yourself: Test in your own cloud environment for 30 days free of charge.

No obligation. Supported Proof of Concept (POC).

How does the testing phase work?