Security Competence for your enterprise

The most successful attacks on corporate networks are carried out through social engineering operations. These risk can be significantly reduced by targeted training measures of your employees.

Security training is usually very costly and neither effective nor sustainable, as they are rarely conducted in direct relation to a related attack. Very often, employees even perceive them as unnecessary, disturbing or annoying, and they don‘t require the active cooperation of all people involved.

DriveLock Security Education, on the other hand, is a simple, flexible, continuously available online or offline and is a centrally managed solution.


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Effective Cyber Security training, delivered in a flexible and efficient manner


Interactive deployment of Cyber Security training material at precisely the right time


Enable rapid response to security incidents, in order to mitigate the impacts


Document the implementation of protective measures meeting compliance such as GDPR, HIPPA, PCI


Target specific users, and groups through targeted, contextual training material


Utilise your own media formats, including logo, text, graphics and colors

Your employees will become an additional Firewall against cyber attacks

DriveLock - made in Germany, no back-doors

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