DriveLock Risk & Compliance

Advanced protection for your devices. Automated Prevention with an early warning system that recognizes anomalies and initiates protective measures.

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One hundred percent protection against cyber attacks does not exist, despite comprehensive preventive measures. If an attack is successful, you need to detect and respond as quickly as possible.

You want to strengthen your defenses for when other controls fail.

You want to monitor activity on your endpoints in real time.

You are missing automated alerts and flexible response capabilities.

You need support for cleanup and remediation.

Our Solution

Complete your prevention measures with DriveLock Risk & Compliance

❯ DriveLock as well as system events are detected, correlated and evaluated in real time

❯ Response options are configurable

❯ Automated alerts as well as defensive responses, such as shutting down certain processes

❯ Threat and alert notifications based on the Mitre Att&ck® framework

❯ Easy configuration, rollout and administration of rules

Advantages with DriveLock Risk & Compliance

Increase your protection by detecting, mitigating and responding to security incidents

Monitor activity on the endpoint without degradation

Support for cleanup and remediation of problems

Potential security breaches are predicted

Incident alerts and forensic investigations


How DriveLock Risk & Compliance works:

DriveLock Risk & Compliance enables you to quickly detect both actual and potential threats and respond immediately.


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