DriveLock Zero Trust Platform

We protect your business with state-of-the-art data security from a single source

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Uncompromising data security through Zero Trust ecosystem

Easy, efficient and cloud-based

With the DriveLock Zero Trust Platform, you are supported by state-of-the-art and cloud-based data security for all areas of your business. From comprehensive security and encryption solutions, the central management to the integration of Microsoft Security Tools, the Zero Trust model are the basis for effectively protecting your business against cyber risks, data loss and data misuse.

DriveLock Zero Trust Platform: Instead of gradually closing gaps in a conventional environment with individual and independent security silos, the Zero Trust model prevents all access. DriveLock's centralised policies allow access to only the data and applications that are necessary for individual employees and endpoints - true to the maxim "Never trust, always verify".

DriveLock Endpoint Security and Endpoint Protection solutions protect your business and data throughout the data lifecycle - from inception to secure deletion. Cloud-based and available anytime. Quickly deployed into any environment. Economically scalable for any size business.

DriveLock is "Made in Germany" and meets internationally recognized certifications, including Common Criteria EAL3+ especially for public institutions and KRITIS environments.

Your Advantages 

Always on the safe side

Easy and immediately available

DriveLock provides a holistic security-service:
❯ Hosting of the complete solution
❯ Management by experienced security
❯ Optional "on-premise Subscription" for very high number of endpoints.


and economical

DriveLock offers you high IT Security with maximum scalability
❯ Security standards individual customizable
❯ Resource-efficient and quickly applicable according to protection needs, company size and growth

and policycompliant

DriveLock relies on a high standard of administrative and technical security measures.
❯ BSI-audited Microsoft Cloud Services.
Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5).
❯ Common Criteria EAL 3+

Precise security management

DriveLock Security Management is tailored precisely to your requirements.
❯ Individual mapping of company security policies.
❯ Management and configuration of security profiles by DriveLock when hosting in the cloud.

Maximum data protection

DriveLock and Microsoft Azure ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data.
❯ Fully managed endpoint protection
❯ Cloud Data Center which follows the strict GDPR regulations

Made in Germany - worldwide in action 

DriveLock uses maximum IT security worldwide:
❯ Data centers with highly available infrastructure in Eurpa, APAC and Americas.
❯ Security made in Germany and "without backdoor
❯ Support in Germany

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Encryption Solutions

Your data is none of a third party's business. Protect your data from misuse by cybercriminals or industrial spies with DriveLock Encryption Solutions. Secure data encryption to the highest security standards ensures that only authorised parties have access to the contents of your digital assets.

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Microsoft Security Tools

Microsoft offers system-integrated security tools, including BitLocker, Defender AV or the firewall. DriveLock optimises them with additional features and integrates them seamlessly into your security ecosystem. This makes the DriveLock Zero Trust Platform your hub for seamless management of all security tools.

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