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DriveLock expands its product portfolio with Torsion

by DriveLock
DriveLock announces partnership with Torsion Information Security, a London-based SaaS software provider

With a new cloud-based access control solution for Microsoft 365, documents are securely shared within the company and unauthorized access is avoided 

Munich, May 30, 2023
- DriveLock - one of the world’s leading IT and data security specialists, is completing its product portfolio with DriveLock 365 Access Control, relying on Torsion's Data Access Governance solution. In the spirit of the Zero Trust concept: "Never Trust, Always Verify", the cloud-based access control solution enables companies to effectively control access to their resources, comply with security policies and improve employee productivity. As part of a comprehensive digitization strategy and the New Work topic, cybersecurity from the cloud is one of the most important factors for sustainable success.


The overarching goal of this partnership is to support companies of all sizes and industries in their digitization efforts with security solutions that are as user-friendly as they are effective, thus enabling them to remain competitive. A variety of advanced technologies and tools provide the basis for an efficient data use and processing.

"With the new partnership, we are strengthening organizations in Germany and Europe even better in their digitization efforts. Due to the increase in remote work, the use of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and OneDrive is also increasing. To prevent collaboration from becoming a security risk or IT security from becoming a productivity killer, user-friendly yet effective security solutions like DriveLock 365 Access Control are essential. We are proud to have such a competent partner as Torsion at our side in the future and look forward to working together," says Arved Stackelberg, CEO of DriveLock SE.


Torsion is a leading provider of powerful data access governance solutions for organizations using Microsoft 365 

The London-based organization Torsion Information Security has made significant progress in recent years, creating landmark solutions for businesses. It provides simple and intelligent control as well as an effortless visibility into who has access to which files and directories shared in Microsoft 365 and with whom they have been shared internally or externally. This is the only way to ensure a secure and borderless cooperation in accordance with security requirements. 

"DriveLock offers comprehensive solutions that address modern pain-points," says Peter Bradley, CEO of Torsion. "Torsion delivers simple, intelligent and effortless Data Access Governance for Microsoft 365, which aligns perfectly with the value that DriveLock delivers to its impressive base of customers. Our new cooperation with DriveLock is a valuable addition to our partner network and we look forward to a successful collaboration."


DriveLock 365 Access Control 

The cloud-based access control solution is designed to manage access to resources within an organization. The centralized platform makes it possible to grant or revoke access to various resources such as files, applications, and services based on predefined policies and roles. Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) to resources can be further defined based on various criteria such as user roles, departments, locations and devices. The solution continuously checks permissions as well as attributes and automatically adjusts them according to the specifications. This ensures that only authorized users have access to sensitive information and resources at all times without any administrative effort. 

The solution also provides real-time insights into access control activity. This gives data owners complete transparency about who accessed which resources, when and where. This helps organizations identify potential security threats and take appropriate action.

The new DriveLock 365 Access Control is a powerful tool that enables organizations to securely and efficiently manage access to their resources while reducing the risk of unauthorized use and potential security breaches.

Here ou can find further information about DriveLock 365 Access Control. For further details and a demo, please contact us to arrange a meeting.


About Torsion

Torsion Information Security is a SaaS software provider, founded in 2016 in London, UK. Torsion delivers powerful Data Access Governance for organisations using Microsoft 365. Torsion provides automated visibility and control of ‘who has access to what’ within Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. The cloud-based solution is trusted by a wide range of customers and partners globally.

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