Cyber Security - Solutions & Services Germany 2021

ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Report

An analysis of the relevant software vendors / service providers in the cyber security market


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Category: Research study
Release date: August 2021
Length: 57 pages


Security solutions and services in Germany

The study "ISG Provider Lens™ Cyber Security - Solutions & Services 2021" aims to support IT decision-makers in selecting qualified local solution providers, making the best use of their limited IT security budgets.
The study examined software vendors and service providers from six cyber security markets in Germany - from the Security Solutions and Security Services categories: Security Solutions include software providers for Identity & Access Management (IAM), Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Security as well as Advanced Endpoint Threat Protection, Detection and Response (Advanced ETPDR). Security Services relate to service offerings for Strategic Security, Technical Security and Managed Security.
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DriveLock was positioned as a leader in the "Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Security" segment.
Data Leakage Loss Prevention Leader Drivelock

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Data Leakage Prevention / Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Security

DLP (Data Leakage Prevention or Data Loss Prevention) refers to products for identifying and monitoring sensitive data to ensure that it is only accessible to authorized users and that no data leaks occur. DLP products are becoming more and more important as it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to control the movement and transfer of data.
The number of (mobile) end devices in companies on which data can be stored is growing. These end devices usually have their own connection to the Internet, so that data can be sent and received without using the central Internet gateway. In addition, the end devices have a large number of interfaces (such as USB, Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC) via which data can also be exchanged. This category also includes cloud services from product providers.


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About Drivelock

The German company DriveLock SE was founded in 1999 and is now one of the leading international specialists for IT and data security with offices in Germany, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East and the USA. DriveLock's mission is to protect enterprise data, endpoints and IT systems. To achieve this, the company relies on the latest technologies, experienced security experts and solutions based on the zero trust model.

What are the characteristics of leaders?

Leading providers often have a highly attractive range of products and services and a strong market and competitive position, thus meeting all the requirements for successful market development. They are to be regarded as strategic pacemakers and opinion leaders as well as a guarantor of innovative strength and stability.


“DriveLock is earning great trust in the market with
its “made in Germany” and “no backdoor” mottos. In addition, DriveLock distinguishes itself as an innovative provider using AI and Industry 4.0."



Cyber Security Solutions - Data Loss Leakage  Prevention Quadrant



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