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How to reach us

We want to offer our customers the best service around our security solution. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help you find a solution. If you are receiving first level support through one of our partners, please contact them.

  • Online Service Desk

    Please log in to our "My DriveLock Support" service desk to open a support request.

    Here you open a support request if you have a maintenance contract with DriveLock.

    Please note that you must enter the domain support\ or SafeGuard\ in front of your user name.

    Example: support\

    Our Service Desk provides access to customers and partners who receive support directly through DriveLock:

    1. Product versions, product documentation, release notes, analysis guides, technical articles, forms, whitepapers, etc.
    2. A public knowledgebase, technical documentation with notes on planning, installation, update and upgrade procedures up to the explanation of error messages and analysis solutions.

    Our public knowledgebase is regularly updated.


  • Phone - How to reach us by phone

    English and German support are available Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm CET (except holidays in Bavaria).

    Please have the following information ready for your call:

    1. Company name & contact person
    2. Phone number & e-mail address



    You can reach us via the following telephone numbers:

    Australia: 1800 931 758
    International: +49 (0) 89 546 3649 50
    New Zealand: 0800 423 678
    Singapore: 800 492 23 91
    USA:  +1 (773) 541-4166

    Here you can find the contact information for our support team in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


Service Desk

Open your support ticket here, if you have signed a maintenance agreement with DriveLock.

User Voice

Here you can tell us your ideas for further development of DriveLock and also vote on ideas of other users,


*Request log-in information here

Only customers and partners with active maintenance agreements.