DriveLock Product Overview

Everything you need for holistic Endpoint Protection.


Product Overview

Module Description Contains
Central Management Central policy-based management for secure control over your endpoints Inventory, analytics & forensics, monitoring & reporting, as well as security awareness training.
Device Control

Granular control over which internal and external devices are able to be connected at endpoints.

Rules for granular control, file filtering, whitelisting and data shadowing.
Encryption-2-Go Encryption of removable storage media.  Mobile data encryption. This module requires Device Control.
BitLocker To Go Integrated BitLocker To Go management to encrypt removable storage media. Visualizes the usage and improves the management of BitLocker To Go. Requires Device Control.
BitLocker Management Adds important functionality to Microsoft BitLocker installations and reduces administrative overhead. Centralized management automates the process of encryption on endpoints, monitors the compliance state, and reports on the encryption status.
DriveLock PBA for BitLocker The pre-boot authentication adds another factor before unlocking your OS. MFA, and network connectivity after WOL SSO.
Application Control Effective protection against zero-day exploits through a predictive whitelisting mechanism Centralised black- and whitelisting, Automated learning of the whitelist, Self-service relieves the IT department
Application Behavior Control Additional rules to prevent application whitelist bypassing and also increases application protection against LotL attacks Automatically learns and controls the behavior of applications, and monitors and visualizes the process call chain for advanced threat hunting
Endpoint Detection & Response More visibility so you can both detect and remediate attacks and effectively search for attacks that have escaped your mitigation controls Analytics and forensics, Mitre ATT&CK framework alignment, and also continuously monitors endpoints and identifies APTs.
Disk Protection Encryption of internal hard disks with optional PBA and recovery functionality. DriveLock PBA BIOS/UEFI, and Emergency Logon & Recovery.
File Protection Reliably encrypts sensitive information of files and directories. Folder based encryption of files, supports data on local computers, on a central directory of a server, external USB disk, or on a cloud-based service such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive
Security Awareness Content Additional security awareness e-learning content. Micro learnings, videos, and interactive training.
Defender Management Integrates Microsoft's Defender antivirus to prevent threats. Integrates Microsoft Defender into the DriveLock ecosystem.
Risk & Vulnerability Management Vulnerability management solution that gives you complete visibility over your attack surface. Risk-based identification of common publicly known vulnerabilities based on CVEs with CVSS scores utilizing a SCAP database.
Firewall Management Centralised management of the Windows firewall. Improves the management of Windows Firewall settings using DriveLock Management Console. Part of DriveLock's Native Security module.
Local Users & Groups Management Centralized management of predefined Microsoft accounts and user groups. Manage local Microsoft user accounts and groups on each endpoint centrally with DriveLock Management Console to protect against Privilege Escalation Attacks on endpoints, automatic activation or deactivation of accounts on the operating system, and account password changes. Part of DriveLock's Native Security module.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Can I upgrade my current DriveLock solution at any time?
    Yes, you can upgrade your solution at any time.

    Our modules build on each other and follow the goal of enabling you a step-by-step introduction of the DriveLock portfolio and realizing a holistic security of your end devices.
  • Which license models are available?

    Licensing is based on the number of client computers on which a DriveLock Agent is to be installed.

    We offer our licenses as perpetual or subscription models with different terms of 1-5 years.

    The number of licenses can be extended at any time.