Native Security Management 

Convenient and central management of Microsoft security functions



Give Microsoft Security functions more power.

Microsoft has its own security tools such as  BitLocker hard disk encryption,  the antivirus scanner Microsoft Defender or firewall management. DriveLock significantly improves the level of protection of an endpoint through additional integrated security functions, such as device control, application whitelisting or security awareness.


With DriveLock you get the best out of your native, as well as DriveLock's own security features.

Centralised, simplified configuration

DriveLock simplifies and centralises the configuration of the most important protection functions anchored in the operating system.

Holistic central display

DriveLock enables the holistic visualisation of the current security level across all protective measures.

Complete compliance overview

DriveLock enriches behavioural analysis with event data collected by the operating system to create a compliance overview.

Adaptability to customer infrastructure

DriveLock enables Native Security to be applied and controlled independently of OS vendor infrastructure and adapts individually to hybrid customer infrastructures.


You only need a single agent on the endpoint:

You manage and monitor Microsoft's security features centrally in one management console. This saves resources and prevents incompatibilities.


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Native Security Management by DriveLock

With these solutions, you can manage your Microsoft products centrally, reduce your maintenance effort and benefit from important additional functions.

BitLocker Management

  • Enables central configuration and enterprise-wide implementation
    of encryption policies
  • Reduces administration effort
  • Contains compliance dashboard
  • Provides powerful pre-boot authentication: DriveLock PBA for BitLocker enables among other things additional authentication methods and an emergency logon 

Defender AV Management

  • Allows central configuration within a DriveLock policy. The advantage: no need to distribute individual group policies
  • Microsoft management solutions  Intune or SCCM are unnecessary.
  • Optimal reuse of scan results for DriveLock Application & Device control, as well as endpoint detection & response
  • Set automatic responses to threats

Firewall Management

  • Manages all Windows Firewall settings simply and centrally
  • Takes advantage of DriveLock policies to flexibly respond to company-specific  security requirements
  • DriveLock rules allow you to dynamically adjust firewall settings on the fly based on current users, groups, computers or time

Local User Groups Management

  • Protects your company from Privilege Escalation Attacks
  • Prevents attackers from hijacking predefined accounts and groups in the operating system to gain extended permission and take over systems
  • Increases your endpoint security by managing local users and groups centrally

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Native Security Management

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