DriveLock encrypts your data – fast and secure

The DriveLock File Protection offers a unique file-level, user or group-based encryption - it is easy to configure and meets all the requirements for a cost-effective, enterprise-wide deployable and solution. With DriveLock, the responsibilities of system and security administrators can be separated. The network administrator is therefore no longer the central role in the company that has access to all data.
It does not matter if you have data on a local computer, a central directory of a server in the company, an external USB disk or on a cloud-based service such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

DriveLock supports:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • DropBox
  • and various other technically-similar cloud-based services.

DriveLock File Protection encrypts sensitive information reliably and - thanks to the support of hardware-based encryption (AES NI) - quickly.


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Support of login with username and password, as well as with X.509 certificates from Microsoft certificate store, or Mac OS X keychain for logging on to DriveLock File Protection


Efficient recovery and emergency procedures in case of a forgotten password, forgotten or lost smart card or token


DriveLock allows files or directories to be protected both centrally and locally at the level of departments, business units or teams


Quick & easy set-up - without the support of the IT administrator


DriveLock enables the access management to your own encrypted directories


Saves time and reduces costs

Drivelock – made in Germany, no-backdoors

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DriveLock's encrpytion modules work seamlessly with each other

In DEtail These are: 

  • DriveLock Disk Protection: Transparent Full Disk Encryption (FDE).
  • DriveLock File Protection: Transparent file and folder encryption (FFE)
  • DriveLock Encryption-2-Go: Transparent encryption of removable media such as USB sticks, CD/DVD or removable disks (part of DriveLock Device Control)