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Encryption of hard disks, files, directories and removable storage devices to ensure data confidentiality and integrity

DriveLock Data Encryption

Unintentional disclosure of sensitive business data, loss or theft of mobile devices can cause millions of dollars in damage to businesses. In addition, the loss can damage the persons whose data has fallen into the hands of unauthorised persons.

The EU-GDPR firmly establishes technical and organisational measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of data and data-processing systems. The EU-GDPR emphasises that the protection of sensitive data must have the highest priority for companies. 

Encryption protects your data from unauthorised access.

Our solution portfolio includes the encryption of hard disks, files in local or central directories and external media.


Data Protection with DriveLock

The DriveLock Data Encryption Portfolio

DriveLock Smart DiskProtect

Transparent and fast hard disk encryption 

DriveLock Smart FileProtect

Reliable file and directory encryption

DriveLock PBA

Secure Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) for DriveLock Disk Protection and Microsoft BitLocker

DriveLock Encryption 2-Go

Encryption of removable media such as USB sticks, CD/DVD or removable disks

  • DriveLock Smart DiskProtect

    Secure hard disk encryption "Made in Germany" and an ideal complement to DriveLock Interface and Application Control. If your computer or hard drive is lost or stolen, your data will remain protected.

    Disk Protection meets compliance and legal requirements such as EU-GDPR.

    • AES.NI Support (hardware-supported faster encryption)
    • FIPS 140-2 certified encryption module       
    • Windows XP SP 3 (requires Legacy Support License), Windows 7 - Windows 10 (SAC and LTSC)          
    • Supports Windows 10 in-place upgrade and Windows hibernation           
    • Configurable encryption algorithms (XTS-AES-256/128, AES-CBC 256/128, Blowfish, IDEA, etc.)                
    • Timed or remote deletion of files ("remote kill") after loss or theft              
    • Proven and fast data recovery capabilities without a forced decryption
  • DriveLock Smart FileProtect

    Encrypted storage of confidential and sensitive files in directories. Access only for authorised persons or groups. The files or directories to be protected can be managed quickly and easily both centrally and de-centrally, e.g. locally at the level of specialist departments, management, works and personnel councils or teams.

    There is no need to adjust permissions in the Microsoft Active Directory. Existing public key infrastructures (PKI) and user certificates allow secure and fast access to encrypted directories.

    • File encryption: locally, centrally or in the cloud              
    • AES-NI Support (hardware-supported faster encryption)               
    • Connection to the Active Directory and user certificates stored there                 
    • File encryption on Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and other technically similar cloud-storage services             
    • Authentication when accessing encrypted directories with username/password or via X.509-based certificates
    • Integrated, fully functional PKI with an automatic enrollment of user certificates
  • DriveLock PBA

    The DriveLock PBA included in the DriveLock Disk Protection not only ensures that the confidentiality of the stored data is maintained in the event of loss or theft of the laptop or desktop but also enables a secure computer start (Secure Boot).

    This ensures that the operating system itself and other third-party security solutions are initialised and started in an intended manner.

    DriveLock PBA offers:

    - Log in with User Name / Domain and Password
    Two-factor authentication using PIN and cryptographic smart card or token

    - Secure network unlock with access to the central DriveLock Enterprise Server (DES) (for BIOS-based ATMs)

    - Integration in the Microsoft Active Directory for initial deliveries or update processes

    From DriveLock version 2019.2, DriveLock PBA is also available for systems encrypted with BitLocker.

  • DriveLock Encryption-2-Go

    The Encryption 2-Go module, already included in DriveLock device control, provides a fully integrated solution for encrypting external drives.

    This ensures that your trusted data is protected even when it leaves the company via mobile storage media such as USB sticks.

    At the same time, you also meet the legal requirements for protecting confidentiality and integrity in this area.

    DriveLock Encryption 2-Go:
    - Encryption of files on external storage media (USB sticks, CD/DVD or external hard disks)

    - Forced encryption according to company policies

    - Detection of drives already encrypted with BitLocker 2-Go

    - Container-based encryption or directory encryption

    - Configurable user selection dialogues when plugging in external drives



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