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Encryption of hard disks, files, directories and removable storage devices to ensure data confidentiality and integrity

Company data targeted by attackers

Data is among the most important resources of a company. Its loss can cause considerable financial damage as well as a loss of reputation and trust. Therefore, special attention is paid to its protection. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) emphasises the dangers that data is exposed to under basic IT protection:

  • Theft or loss of devices and mobile data media,
  • Misuse of access rights,
  • Manipulation of information,
  • Disclosure of sensitive information.

The legal requirements are high: the GDPR in the European Union, for example, specifies the organisational and technical measures to be taken to ensure an appropriate level of protection of personal data during processing. National IT protection guidelines concretise these by recommending the encryption of notebooks or external storage media.

This is where the Zero Trust security approach comes into play: Modern IT security concepts dictate that no user, device, access or application is trustworthy from the outset. All information should be encrypted and protected from unauthorised access. Be on the safe side with DriveLock data encryption.


The DriveLock data encryption modules

DriveLock DiskProtection

Transparent and fast hard disk encryption

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DriveLock BitLocker Management

Microsoft BitLocker hard disk encryption - supplemented by important additional functions

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DriveLock FileProtection

Reliable directory and file encryption

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DriveLock Encryption 2-Go

Encryption of removable media such as USB sticks, CD/DVD or removable drives

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DriveLock Disk Protection

You lose your notebook or it gets stolen, your PC's Windows password falls into the wrong hands: incidents that give attackers quick & easy access to your data. How do you prevent them?

DriveLock's hard disk encryption meets the legal requirements of the GDPR for personal data and follows acknowledged  data encryption recommendations.

Data encryption: Hard disk encryption - Full Disk Encryption

All advantages at a glance

  • Encrypting the hard disk or partitions without backdoors
  • Multilingual and multi-user Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) allows remote shutdown of stolen devices and emergency logon.
  • Identification via user name & password or 2-factor authentication  
  • Integration of the MS Active Directory
  • Network Unlock simplifies user login and recovery procedures.

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DriveLock File Protection

The encryption of the entire storage medium is not always sensible or technically possible. Nevertheless, particularly sensitive company data (personnel or works council data or similar) must be protected against unauthorised access, e.g. by privileged users such as administrators.

DriveLock's File and directory encryption allow privileged users to encrypt files & directories - ideal for project teams, works councils and management.

Data encryption: Encrypt hard disks, files, removable media/>

All advantages at a glance

  • User or group-based encryption of files - easy to configure and deploy enterprise-wide
  • Possible on local computer, central directory of a server, an external USB data carrier or with a cloud-based service (e.g. Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive)
  • For Windows and Mac OS X operating systems (cross-platform support)

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Data encryption: Encrypt hard disks, files, removable media

DriveLock Encryption 2-Go

The exchange of data is still often done with the help of mobile data carriers such as USB sticks. Especially here the risk of data loss is high, be it through accidental loss or theft. Data can be copied within seconds without the person concerned noticing.

The Encryption 2-Go module encrypts data on external drives and data media securely and, if desired, transparently for the end-user. At the same time, you meet the legal requirements and effectively implement the measures to protect external media.

Encryption of mobile data media - Encryption to go

All advantages at a glance

  • Encryption of files on storage media (USB sticks, CD/DVD, external hard drives)
  • Controlled encryption according to predefined company guidelines
  • Detection of drives already encrypted with BitLocker To Go
  • Container-based encryption or directory encryption
  • Configurable user selection dialogues when connecting external drives

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Technical details about our modules

  • DriveLock DiskProtection

    • AES.NI support (hardware-supported, fast encryption)
    • FIPS 140-2 certified encryption module
    • Windows 7 - 10 systems with BIOS bootloader
    • Windows 10 (SAC and LTSC) with UEFI Bootloader
    • Supports Windows 10 In-place Upgrade and Windows Hibernation
    • Use of recognised standardised encryption algorithms (XTS-AES-256/128, AES-CBC 256/128, Blowfish, IDEA etc.)
    • Time-controlled or remote deletion of files ("remote kill") after loss or theft
    • Proven and fast recovery functions for data recovery without forced decryption
    • Centralised configuration of DriveLock Disk Protection independent of the Active Directory - even for computers without AD connection
    • Manage and analyse the security status of the system environment throughout the entire computer life cycle via the state-of-the-art, web-based DriveLock Control Center - the new DriveLock management console

  • DriveLock PBA (included with DiskProtection)

    Pre-Boot Authentication (DriveLock PBA) enables a secure, trustworthy start of the computer (Secure Boot) and ensures that the confidentiality of the stored data is maintained in case of loss or theft of the laptop or desktop. DriveLock PBA offers the following advantages:

    • Login with Windows user name/domain and password
    • Two-factor authentication using cryptographic smart cards or tokens
    • Single sign-on to the Windows operating system possible
    • Self-service emergency login in case of forgotten access data
    • Secure automated activation when connected to the central DriveLock Enterprise Server (network unlock), also for BIOS-based ATMs
    • Synchronisation with Microsoft Active Directory for initial delivery or update processes
    • Customisable login screen
    • Support for a large number of international keyboard layouts
    • On-screen keyboard for login to touch-enabled Windows devices like Microsoft Surface

  • DriveLock FileProtection

    • Encryption of files and directories - locally, centrally or in the cloud
    • Encryption of external storage devices (requires DriveLock Device Control)
    • AES-NI support (hardware-supported, fast encryption)
    • Connection to Microsoft Active Directory and user certificates stored there
    • File encryption on Dropbox iCloud, Google Drive and other technically similarly functioning cloud storage services with local file synchronisation
    • Authentication when accessing encrypted directories with user name/password or via X. 509- based certificates
    • Multi-factor authentication with smart cards or tokens
    • Virtual SmartCard support
    • Integrated, fully functional PKI with automatic enrollment and life cycle management of user certificates

  • DriveLock Encryption-2-Go
    • Encryption of files on external storage media (USB sticks, CD/DVD or external hard drives)
    • Controlled encryption according to predefined corporate policies
    • Detection of drives already encrypted with BitLocker 2-Go
    • Container-based encryption or directory encryption
    • Configurable user selection dialogues when external drives are plugged in

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