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Cyber Security in Operational Technology / IIoT

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation. Industry 4.0 stands for the steadily growing intelligent networking of machines and processes in industry through digitalisation. Operational technology (OT) is merging with office IT and making itself vulnerable to attack. More and more companies are now realising that without the right security measures, highly automated production facilities can be an easy target for cyber attacks. With this white paper, we show the dangers of operational technology for cyberattacks and possible solutions.


DriveLock Application Control

Application control is an essential component of endpoint security. It enables administrators to control the execution of any application on any computer. The flexibility to combine both blacklist and whitelist rules makes application control both easy to use and powerful to secure.


Cyber security in the healthcare sector

We are experiencing great and constant change in both medicine and the use of digital technologies. The development towards an "intelligent hospital" offers great opportunities. However, digitisation also increases the risk of exposure to cyber attacks. With this current whitepaper we would like to support you in taking an overview of the "patient IT security" in your company or institution and derive effective, comprehensive measures.


DriveLock Vulnerability Management

Attackers exploit vulnerabilities or weaknesses in software to gain control of computer systems, steal sensitive information, and cause disruption to operations. The DriveLock Vulnerability Management solution identifies vulnerabilities on endpoints, makes them visible and thus prevents potential malware attacks. IT administrators can identify and control the risks associated with vulnerabilities.



IT security in the public sector

Digitisation in the public sector is steadily progressing and e-government is becoming increasingly popular. In an increasingly networked world, the growing number of cyber attacks on companies and the evolution of ever advanced malware, means IT security has never been so important. Particularly among public authorities, offices and public bodies, sensitive information such as personal data, identification numbers, tax numbers etc. are stored as data. With this white paper, we would like to help you identify challenges and risks, and take precautions in cyber security.


Essential Eight - an Overview

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has developed prioritised mitigation strategies to help cyber security professionals in all organisations mitigate cyber security incidents caused by various cyber threats. Organisations are recommended to implement eight essential mitigation strategies as a baseline. In this whitepaper we inform you about the recommendations of the "Essential Eight" concept and how DriveLock can help you to implement them.


Checklist | 6 steps to greater IT Security with Zero Trust

Why are IT (Security) experts so excited about the concept of "Zero Trust"? What does that mean in concrete terms? With the following six steps, we will show you how to implement Zero Trust in your own organization and thus ensure a comprehensive protection of business-data.


Endpoint Protection with Microsoft 365 and DriveLock - an ideal combination

The release of Microsoft 365 with the availability of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft provides a comprehensive platform for endpoint security. DriveLock complements this platform perfectly. The combination of both solutions provides unprecedented comprehensive threat protection.


Virtual SmartCard - effective multi-factor authentication

Passwords are one of the vulnerabilities of IT security. One way to overcome this is to have an additional level of security provided by multi-factor authentication, for example, by combining the use of virtual smartcards and passwords. The BSI also demands strong authentication for security-critical application areas.
In this whitepaper, we will focus on the combination of these methods and the use of virtual smart cards in this context. 


SmartCard Middleware - manufacturer-independent and flexible

With multifactor authentication, DriveLock guarantees secure login through a manufacturer-independent SmartCard middleware. 
The use of DriveLock SmartCard middleware makes it possible to perform secure multifactor authentication for a large number of applications (web applications, e-mail or VPN clients, browsers, SSO, hard disk and file encryption) so that you can overcome the vulnerability of insecure passwords. 


DriveLock Native Security Management

BitLocker disk encryption, Defender antivirus and local security settings in the operating system are part of a set of native security solutions Microsoft provides to its customers. DriveLock not only optimises the management of the native security solutions, but also adds important functionality to them, creating real value by combining the data collected from the operating systems with DriveLock, resulting in greater security.


Application Whitelisting is the ultimate weapon against malware

A lot of users think their data is safe because they have anti-virus software and a firewall in place. However, the huge amount of successful cyberattacks shows the opposite. Learn why application control with application whitelisting is a must and goes far beyond an antivirus solution, and how DriveLock synergistically combines the prevention measures and management of Microsoft Defender Antivirus.



EUROPOL Logical Attacks on ATM's

This whitepaper describes how a financial institution may mitigate against logical attacks on ATM machines. A logical attack on an ATM is a sophisticated attack with a planned set of actions to gain access or compromise ATM machines.



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Application Control

Secure, simple and future-oriented - the intelligent application control provides secure protection against cyber attacks and reliably controls the execution of programs.





Application Behavior Control

Built on DriveLock Application Control, Application Behavior Control provides additional security by controlling application behavior using application permissions.




Device Control

Intelligent Device Control - only required devices and disks are permitted. 




Managed Security Service

Data security with the DriveLock Zero-Trust platform: DriveLock's Managed Security Services meet the highest safety standards. 




Security Education

Strengthen not only your IT security systems but also your "human firewall". Targeted training measures increase awareness of IT risks.







Analytics & Forensics

Who transferred data from the storage medium to a device? Monitor these activities and devices with our Analytics & Forensics. 




BitLocker Management with DriveLock

Manage BitLocker centrally with DriveLock - supports all common BitLocker authentication methods such as SmartCards or Tokens and reduces administration effort.




Data Protection

DriveLock encrypts your data reliably and quickly using transparent hard disk encryption.

Transparent file and folder encryption provides a unique user or group based encryption that is easy to configure.



Microsoft Defender Management

DriveLock integrates the management of Microsoft Defender Antivirus with its Zero Trust platform and enables common, convenient centralised management of DriveLock prevention tools with Microsoft Defender. No additional Microsoft management solutions are required for configuration. 




Vulnerability Management

Attackers exploit vulnerabilities or weaknesses of the software to gain control of computer systems, steal sensitive information, and disrupt operations. Given the potential damage, organisations today need to place more emphasis on managing the vulnerabilities and risks associated with their systems




Native Security Management

Microsoft BitLocker hard disk encryption, Defender Antivirus, Firewall Management and the local Security Settings in the operating system are part of a set of native security solutions that Microsoft makes available to its customers. DriveLock simplifi es the management of the native security solutions, adds important functions and creates real added value for more eff ective cyber security




Endpoint Detection & Response

Comprehensive prevention measures are crucial. However, it does not offer one hundred percent protection. When criminals infiltrate your system, you need to be able to identify this by recognising their behaviour, observing them, and reacting before any critical damage is done. Boost your defences when other controls fail with DriveLock’s Endpoint Detection & Response.




Virtual Environments

Greater value for your data security - device-independent interface control and user-based access control for external drives.



Common Criteria EAL3+ Certification

DriveLock's Device Control and Application Control solutions have been awarded Common Criteria certification EAL 3+ by the independent Swedish CSEC authority. With this Level 3+ certification, DriveLock is unique and gains a competitive advantage over similar providers as we are able to fulfil an important requirement for use in the public sector.



Certifications: CMMC 2.0 and NIST 800-171

DriveLock helps manufacturing companies fulfill standards mandated by the US Federal Government.



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