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Checklist | 6 steps to greater IT Security with Zero Trust

Why are IT (Security) experts currently dealing with the concept of "Zero Trust"? What does that mean in concrete terms? With the following six steps, we will show you how to implement Zero Trust in your own organization and thus ensure a comprehensive protection of business-data.


Virtual SmartCard - effective multi-factor authentication

Passwords are one of the vulnerabilities of IT security. One way to overcome this is to have an additional level of security provided by multi-factor authentication, for example, by combining the use of virtual smartcards and passwords. The BSI also demands strong authentication for security-critical application areas.
In this whitepaper, we will focus on the combination of these methods and the use of virtual smart cards in this context. 


SmartCard Middleware - manufacturer-independent and flexible

With multifactor authentication, DriveLock guarantees secure login through a manufacturer-independent SmartCard middleware. 
The use of DriveLock SmartCard middleware makes it possible to perform secure multifactor authentication for a large number of applications (web applications, e-mail or VPN clients, browsers, SSO, hard disk and file encryption) so that you can overcome the vulnerability of insecure passwords. 


Application control with predictive whitelisting and security awareness measures

IT/cyber security is a challenging topic in the modern IT world, with changing threat vectors such as higher degrees of openness of devices, mobility, cloud applications, and new challenges resulting from Industry 4.0 initiatives. The challenges of IT security managers are not easy.

In order to manage these challenges there are two key points in every cyber security strategy:

1. The human factor, i.e. the behavior and actions taken by users inside an organization.
2. The cyber security paradigm has to change over time. This new paradigm is based on a holistic security approach technically backed by cloud-powered AI.



Trojans - How the Financial Industry is being blackmailed

In 2016, the German financial sector was affected by the Ransomware Trojan attacks with a magnitude never encountered before. These attacks follow a clear pattern. This white paper explains the procedure of these cyber-attacks, and the steps you can take to protect yourself. 

Learn how DriveLock Endpoint Protection helps companies in the financial sector with fighting against cyber crimes and trojans! Get the Whitepaper for free here!


Industry 4.0 - Cybercrime has become a significant threat in the industry

The data of financial or health care systems have always been a target for hackers and since digitisation started, there has been a growing concern of these attacks in the manufacturing industry. However, the industry cannot do without digitisation.
This challenges the IT departments to minimise security risks and to protect the business-critical systems against enemy attacks, sabotage and espionage.
This whitepaper explains how the cyber-attacks are performed and what you can do to protect yourself.



Webinars on demand

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The digital solution in exceptional situations - efficient, secure and organized 

Speaker: Martin Mangold, Vice President Cloud Operations

In this recording you will receive valuable tips on how to successfully organize work in the home office. In addition, we will show how IT security in the home office can be improved and how you can use your "human firewall" in a targeted manner to keep your company IT free of viruses.


Information instead of intuition with DriveLock Analytics & Forensics | Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Speakers: Andreas Fuchs, Vice President Product Management & Falk Trümner, Senior PreSales Consultant

Learn more about DriveLock Analytics & Forensics | Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) in this webinar.


What's new 2019.2

Speakers: Andreas Fuchs & Mark Hartmann, Product Management

The DriveLock 2019.2 version is now available. But what's new? The new version offers numerous other innovations, improvements and quality-enhancing measures in the areas of application and device control, encryption and security. For detailed information, please refer to our "What's new 2019.2" webinar.


Maxime "Never trust, always verify!" - the DriveLock Zero Trust Platform

Speaker: Andreas Fuchs, Vice President Product Management

In our webcast, you will learn that in times of digital transformation, the success of companies depends to a large extent on how reliably they protect people, companies and services against cyber attacks and the loss of valuable data. Learn how DriveLock's zero-trust model can effectively protect your enterprise data, devices and systems.


What's new 2019.1

Speakers: Andreas Fuchs and Mark Hartmann, Product Management

What's new? The new version offers numerous innovations, improvements and quality-enhancing measures in the areas of application and device control, encryption and security. For more detailed information, please refer to our "What's new 2019.1" webinar.




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Device Control

Intelligent Device Control - only required devices and disks are permitted. 




Managed Security Service

Data security with the DriveLock Zero-Trust platform: DriveLock's Managed Security Services meet the highest safety standards. 




Security Education

Strengthen not only your IT security systems but also your "human firewall". Targeted training measures increase awareness of IT risks.







Analytics & Forensics

Who transferred data from the storage medium to a device? Monitor these activities and devices with our Analytics & Forensics. 




Application Control

Secure, simple and future-oriented - the intelligent application control provides secure protection against cyber attacks and reliably controls the execution of programs.





Centralised BitLocker Management with DriveLock

Manage BitLocker centrally with DriveLock - supports all common BitLocker authentication methods such as SmartCards or Tokens and reduces administration effort.




Disk Protection

DriveLock encrypts your data reliably and quickly using transparent hard disk encryption.




File Protection

Transparent file and folder encryption provides a unique user or group based encryption that is easy to configure.





Virtual Environments

Greater value for your data security - device-independent interface control and user-based access control for external drives.




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