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Machine Learning based on Artificial Intelligence for a state-of-the-art endpoint protection.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to utilize a flexible, artificial intelligence-based solution to improve the security within your company, and also secure your production systems against current ransomware (such as “Petya”) or against still unknown threats, while at the same time reducing the overall effort, and also reduce management costs.



Application control with predictive whitelisting and security awareness measures

IT/cyber security is a challenging topic in the modern IT world, with changing threat vectors such as higher degrees of openness of devices, mobility, cloud applications, and new challenges resulting from Industry 4.0 initiatives. The challenges of IT security managers are not easy.

In order to manage these challenges there are two key points in every cyber security strategy:

1. The human factor, i.e. the behavior and actions taken by users inside an organization.
2. The cyber security paradigm has to change over time. This new paradigm is based on a holistic security approach technically backed by cloud-powered AI.





Our booklets provide you with insides around the modules we use within our Managed Security Services.

Device Control

Flexible, simple and efficient device control. Only desired devices and external drives will be allowed. 



Security Education

Effective Cyber Security Training, deliveres in a flexible and efficient manner. Interactive deployment of Cyber Security Training material at precisely the right time.




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