Device Control 

Device control protects media and controls the data flow :No chance for bad usb attacks.


Intelligent Device Control

Cloud services back and forth: The USB stick continues to play an important role when it comes to the exchange of data. To prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands, DriveLock monitors transactions made via USB data carriers.

Employees also use corporate USB ports to charge mobile phones or other devices. It is possible, through this, for malware to quickly get onto a device and into the systems.

Research shows that 80% of workers have already copied data from or to a USB stick or have paired devices to the USB port for loading without taking the consequences into account.


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Easy configuration of integrated devices through Machine Learning

Only desired devices and external drives will be allowed

Proactive suppression of CD / DVD burners

Prevents Data transfer via unencrypted or unauthorized media

DriveLock Device Control Dashboard

Device Control

  • Documents which file was copied and to which medium
  • Automatically and securely encrypts external USB data carriers 
  • Trains employees regarding the safe handling of data and external data carriers 
  • Extensive forensic analysis and reporting options 

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DriveLock Device Control

DriveLock Device Control controls which internal and external devices, drives and smartphones your users can connect to your endpoints.

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