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DriveLock enhances BitLocker hard disk encryption

Why is hard disk encryption necessary? Data protection is a top priority for companies in the digital age. The loss of confidential information means not only financial damage but also loss of reputation. Hard disk encryption is the easiest way to prevent data loss, manipulation or theft. It is recommended for desktop clients and notebooks.

Microsoft makes BitLocker hard disk encryption available free of charge for many versions of Windows.

But with increasing regulatory requirements, this alone is often not enough.

DriveLock BitLocker Management manages your existing BitLocker installation and adds key features to it. This allows you to reduce administrative overhead by centrally managing all settings.

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Additional management functions

  • Web-based management console: Management and analysis of the security status of the system environment throughout the computer life cycle
  • Central configuration - independent of the Active Directory (AD) - of BitLocker Disk Encryption, even for computers without AD connection
  • Secure One-Time Recovery with automatic key exchange

We also support the encryption of external data carriers with BitLocker To Go.

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Important Add-on: DriveLock PBA for BitLocker

The optional, custom-developed pre-boot authentication (DriveLock PBA for BitLocker) not only enables secure boot but also extends the limited functionality of BitLocker's PBA. This ensures that the confidentiality of stored data is maintained even in the event of loss or theft of the notebook or desktop.

The BitLocker PBA is replaced by the DriveLock PBA. The operating system itself, as well as other third-party security solutions, can be initialised and started without interference.

DriveLock's Bitlocker Management PBA pre-boot authentication has advantages

Significant advantages to  BitLocker PBA

  • Login with Windows username/domain and password
  • Two-factor authentication via smartcards or token
  • Single-Sign-On possible
  • Self-service emergency login for forgotten access data
  • Network Unlock
  • The synchronisation of users with Microsoft AD
  • Individualisable login screen
  • International keyboard layouts
  • On-Screen keyboard for touch-enabled Windows devices, e.g. Surface
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Webcast: Central management of Windows BitLocker

Learn all about the central management of BitLocker with DriveLock.


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BitLocker Management from the Cloud

Profit from:

  • Cost advantages
  • Fast deployment & automatic updates
  • Predefined security policies

See for yourself and test DriveLock for 30 days free of charge

DriveLock BitLocker Management and the DriveLock PBA for BitLocker are ideal additions to your BitLocker environment.

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