Central management of Windows BitLocker

Clear, effective and simple



DriveLock enhances BitLocker hard disk encryption

Free BitLocker encryption is a great advantage for Microsoft customers and an important contribution to the protection of your business' data.

But only a centrally managed and consistently controlled encryption meets all the regulatory requirements.

DriveLock supplements the BitLocker functionalities of the operating system with necessary and important additional functions. The modern and user-friendly DriveLock Operations Center enables simple and centralised management


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DriveLock Dashboard - Central Management of Windows Bitlocker disk encryption, e.g. bitlocker windows 10

Manage BitLocker Windows disk encryption centrally and with less effort

Reduce your administrative burden and manage settings as well as recover data from a single location. 


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Central, comfortable & effective

Centrally manage recovery keys, decommission lost and stolen devices and prevent unauthorised access to decommissioned devices

Compliance Dashboard

The encryption status of individual devices are always in view as well as extended Reporting & Forensics functions


Support of all common BitLocker authentication methods as well as SmartCard, Token or Network start


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The DriveLock BitLocker add-on is the perfect addition to your BitLocker platform

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