Application Control with predictive whitelisting

Prevents unknown and unwanted programs from running



Effective endpoint protection for your company

Threats such as Meltdown or Spectre show that modern IT security needs more than sophisticated permissions, antivirus software and firewalls.

DriveLock's application control provides future-oriented protection against known and unknown threats.

Ransomware or malware will no longer have a chance to disrupt your operations and destroy files or important documents. Even zero-day exploits will no longer be able to cause any damage. 


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Securely protects against threats such as zero-day exploits, WannaCry, ransomware or bad USB 

Reliably controls the execution of programs, libraries and scripts regardless of user rights on the system and without affecting business processes 

Predictive whitelisting allows for an easy configuration without effort 

DriveLock Application Control Dashboard

Application Control

  • Intelligent learning allows for system and software updates without adapting existing rules and regulations
  • Integrates with popular unified endpoint management systems
  • Extends central patch management systems
  • Secure sharing options and easy-to-use self-service for end-users 


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DriveLock's Application Control reliably protects against known and unknown malware.

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