DriveLock Virtual SmartCard

Turn the secure hardware on your PC into a Virtual Smartcard



Smart cards - secure, cost-efficient and easy to manage

Multi-factor authentication is an important part of every IT security concept. But the investment into identification measures such as smart cards or tokens is high and often ties companies to a specific manufacturer for many years.

With the DriveLock Virtual Smart Card, you can also use your TPM chip as a virtual Smart Card, save initial acquisition costs and rely on simple administration - even as a back-up for lost physical Smart Cards.

DriveLock Smart Card Middleware supports over 100 smart cards & tokens. This ensures flexibility and financial independence.

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Uncomplicated & effective

Use your TPM chip as a Smart Card for an easy multi-factor authentication


Reduces the cost of issuing, maintaining and exchanging access data

Simple management

Fully integrated with DriveLock Smart Card middleware


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