DriveLock SmartCard Middleware

Managing smart cards effectively, flexibly and manufacturer-independently



Smart cards - secure, cost-efficient and easy to manage

Multi-factor authentication is an important part of every IT security concept. But the investment into identification measures such as smart cards or tokens is high and often ties companies to a specific manufacturer for many years.

DriveLock Smart Card Middleware supports over 100 smart cards and tokens. This ensures flexibility and financial independence.

With the DriveLock Virtual Smart Card, you can also use your TPM chip as a virtual smart card, thus saving initial acquisition costs and taking advantage of a simple administration.


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>100 supported smart cards

DriveLock Smart Card Middleware provides a secure, flexible multi-factor authentication - independent of smart card manufacturers

Cross-Platform Support

Available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems and thus also in diverse IT environments 

Legacy Card Support

Simplifies the migration of legacy cards from all major vendors with a single middleware solution 


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