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The best of both worlds

DriveLock with Avira Antivirus which connects the powerful Avira virus protection engine with the acknowledged DriveLock management console.

A win-win for security: Current users of Avira Update Managers receive access to the fully-integrated endpoint security portfolio of DriveLock and current DriveLock users benefit from the awarded Antivirus protection of the leading anti-malware specialist Avira.

"Our certified Antivirus solution in collaboration with DriveLock's security console - you can't have more security"

DriveLock with Avira Antivirus enables you to centrally administer all security related issues via the DriveLock's management console. This highly acclaimed solution already manages more than 3 million devices and hence offers a robust alternative Made in Germany.

With DriveLock with Avira Antivirus IT-Admins received an accomplished solution that covers all aspects the endpoint security industry has to offer. Owing to DriveLocks flexible rights-management capabilities DriveLock with Avira Antivirus, can be set-up according to the users demand and scaled to over 100,000 devices in record time.

As German software vendors, Avira and DriveLock are unified by a common endeavour: to offer security on the highest level, flexible service and open communication - without the presence of backdoors or secret functions.

DriveLock with Avira Antivirus at a glance:

  • Protection of all threats in IT security
  • Intuitive user interface with openly defineable hierarchial groups
  • Flexible roll-out: test mode, rollback and central update process
  • Security surveillance in real-time with extensive reporting and statistics
  • Configurable authentification process with optional SSL/TLS communication
  • Quick start with rights-management due to Active-Directory support, Drag & Drop, computer lists and AD-/LDAP-Imports.
  • Fast, bandwidth refreshment through use of multiple servers

DriveLock with Avira Antivirus entails solutions from all spheres of Endpoint-Security

Which can easily be added to your current license