DriveLock is the TOP provider of endpoint security solutions with its intelligent Endpoint Protection Platform

Rethink Cyber Security in terms of endpoint protection


In today's digital environment, the success of your business depends on how reliably you protect people, businesses and your services from cyber attacks and the loss of valuable data.

Our goal is to protect the company's data, devices and systems. To achieve this, we rely on the latest technologies, experienced security experts and Zero Trust solutions

In today's security architecture, Zero Trust means a paradigm shift according to the maxim "Never trust, always verify". This means that data can be reliably protected even in modern business models.


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How can we help?

I want to protect my business from malware, ransomware and zero-day exploits. 

Application Control

I want to control which mobile devices can be connected to the corporate network. 

Device control

I want to encrypt hard disks, files in local or central directories and on external media securely and easily. 


I would like to strengthen the security awareness of my employees and sensitise them to relevant IT risks. 

Security Education

DriveLock Endpoint Security Solutions: Endpoint Protection Platform for Cyber Security

Endpoint Security - modular and multi-layered

DriveLock has a modular design and supports different operating systems and end devices. 

DriveLock is available as an on-premise solution and as a Managed Security Service from the Azure Cloud


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Times awarded as TOP innovator


Protected end devices in individual customer environments


And more protected devices in over 30 countries

DriveLock makes life difficult for cyberattacks

In the digital age, we benefit from tremendous opportunities. But they involve risks. Cyberattacks threaten companies, government agencies and private users and can cause great damage. DriveLock is your partner for IT security and data security.

DriveLock and DocMorris are not only producers and customers, but we are also partners. DocMorris was looking for a partner who wanted to do more than sell licenses and to help the customer meet new challenges.


GUIDO SCHMITZ, Head of IT Infrastructure & IT Services | DocMorris - The Pharmacy 

As a German security provider, DriveLock meets the current requirements and develops its solutions according to the market requirements.


TORSTEN KUNERT, Key Account Manager | LargeNet GmbH