Bad USB-Sticks locked out
Companies that want to protect against infection of a so-called BadUSB stick have an effective solution with the award winning DriveLock Device Control...
Comprehensive Security
DriveLock increases your organization’s security by raising employee awareness about security risks, automatically and easily.
Full Disk Encryption
Required protection for laptop computers - DriveLock prevents data theft and data loss.
Secure Data Encryption
Encrypting sensitive data across your company protects against internal threats from dishonest employees and provides effective protection against theft or loss of data that is stored in the cloud.
Bring Your Own Device - Securely!
Comprehensive control of external devices: Enforce your security policies by monitoring user compliance or locking down computers.
Antivirus Realtime Protection
Simple - Fast - Secure! Adds an additional layer of security to your DriveLock environment by protecting against malware.
Application Control
DriveLock protects against zero-day exploits and malicious code and goes far beyond the rudimentary protection included with Windows 7.
USB Control for Thin Clients
DriveLock's unique device control for thin clients and virtual desktops ensures secure data transfers and enforces encryption.
                   Computing Security Awards 2012                              

Today's security threats come in many variations. To protect your data, DriveLock uses a multi-layered security strategy, protecting you from external threats as well as internal data loss.

DriveLock is your solution for the following areas:

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