Whitepaper: DriveLock SmartCard Middleware - manufacturer-independent and flexible

Multi-factor authentication instead of routine passwords - DriveLock guarantees secure login through manufacturer-independent SmartCard middleware
Implementing suitable technical and organisational measures to protect personal data includes the secure authentication of the user.

The scope of such measures must also be based on the degree of secrecy: the more worthy of protection the secret, the more effective and secure the protective measure must be.  Multi-factor authentication offers an appropriate level of protection, or so-called strong authentication, as it is used to access critical infrastructures or secure financial transactions.
The use of DriveLock SmartCard middleware makes it possible to perform secure multi-factor authentication for a large number of applications (web applications, e-mail or VPN clients, browsers, SSO, hard disk and file encryption) so that the use of insecure passwords can be dispensed with.