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BitLocker Management Presentation

DriveLock Module: Central Management of Windows BitLocker

Learn about the easy and practical ways to centrally manage BitLocker with DriveLock.

Application Control Presentation

DriveLock Module: Application Control

Find out how DriveLock's Application Control prevents unknown and unwanted programs from running.

2020-03-23 09.19 Englisch EDR Recording

DriveLock Module: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Find out how DriveLock Analytics & Forensics and EDR help to maximise your security, detect, predict and resolve incidents. 

Webinar-DriveLock-The digital solution in Exceptional situations

Digital Working

The digital solution in exceptional situations - efficient, secure and organised.


Product Update

What's new in 2021.1.
All information about this release summarised for you.

Version DriveLock 2019.2 - Whats new_

Product Update

What's new in 2019.2.
All information about this release summarised for you.

MS Defender and Vulnerability Scan Presentation

DriveLock Modules: Vulnerability Mgmt & Defender AV Mgmt

Learn about DriveLock Vulnerability Management and Defender AV Management.

Device Control Presentation

DriveLock Module: Device Control

Learn how DriveLock Device Control can help you to control which internal and external devices, drives and smartphones your users can connect to your endpoints.

Security Awareness Presentation

DriveLock Module: Security Education

Strengthen your human firewall through employee awareness and security training.


DriveLock Product: Zero Trust Platform 

Maxime "Never trust, always verify!" - the DriveLock Zero Trust Platform. Learn how DriveLock's Zero Trust model can effectively protect your enterprise data, devices and systems.


Product Update

What's new in 2020.2.
All information about this release summarised for you.

Whats new 2019.1 _ 11.07.2019

Product Update

What's new in 2019.1.
All information about this release summarised for you.

M defender antivirus  management webinar_Eng

DriveLock Module: Microsoft Defender AV Mgmt

Learn how easily DriveLock can manage these endpoint security settings.

2020-08-05 16.26 Webinar-Vulnerability-Management-EN

DriveLock Module: Vulnerability Management

DriveLock Vulnerability Scanner helps you to identify weaknesses early on and assess the associated risks

Dos & Donts webinar

The Dos & Dont's of Cyber Security

"Never trust, always verify". Find out the dos & don'ts of IT security.

Healthcare sector webinar

Use Case: Health Sector

Find out how DriveLock can effectively protect health and patient data.

2020-06-16 15.27 what_s new 2020.1

Product Update

What's new in 2020.1.
All information about this release summarised for you.