Thin Client

Slim and secure

Terminal-Server and Thin-Clients offer broad possibilities for IT due to virtualization. But the protection of the USB Interface comes short in most solutions. With DriveLock you will be able to use the common Thin-Clients/Virtual-Desktop solutions, without having to comprise in the area of security or comfort of use with external data storage devices.

The USB Interface perfectly under control.

Through the management console you define, which user is allowed to use USB drives in which way. Through the integrated file filter you can define, which file types can have read or write access. An exact logging of file access is possible as well. In combination with the extension DriveLock Encryption 2-Go external drives can be encrypted automatically: as soon as a disk or flash drive is being used at the Thin Client, DriveLock will provide an additional Windows Drive within the users working environment. Within this container, files will be automatically encrypted.


  • Collaboration with all common Thin-Client/Desktop-Virtualization solutions (Citrix, VMware, Igel, Wyse) as well as Windows Embedded

  • Customization for in house developed Thin-Client-solutions

  • Whitelist-rules for connected drives (e.g. A :) File access control (e.g. read only/ write) filtering of files based on file extension

  • File filtering after content check

  • Encryption through the user

  • Automatic encryption

  • Media authorization

  • Automatic check for malware prior to enabling drives

  • Automatic system check prior to enabling drives

  • Central reporting and analysis of events