Asses risks, secure flaws

The Cyber Security Risk continues to increase exponentially all over the world. In the daily papers we read news about new attacks on companies, there not only big enterprises are affected. Many middle class companies recorded attacks to their networks in 2015. Without a safeguard against these threats immense costs for data recovery, data experts, costs for business interruptions and legal advice can occur.This is why data security and data protection, in a company, has to be declared a matter for the boss! There it is essential to inform your employees about these threats and train them accordingly, because most security incidents are caused by carelessness of the own employees.

The CEO should lead the way and define guidelines, after the employees acted, even if these are unpopular amongst the employees. With cyber security, firm guidelines that will be enforced throughout all the levels of the company have to be implemented. There the CEO should be included in the definition of these guidelines to develop an effective governance model.

Cyber security is too much of a threat to keep it up to chance.

Just a few targeted measures and guidelines are enough to avoid expensive sanctions and loss of revenue most of the time. Through the deployment of security solutions that monitor your network on an ongoing basis and analyze incidents a detailed overview in the behavior of employees can be provided. This is helpful to reach profound decisions and react to incidents faster.

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