Insider Threat Protection

Many companies spend a lot of money to protect themselves from Malware, Phishing and other threats by so called cyber criminals.

It is often overlooked that there is also a need for action in their own ranks, among its own employees. According to a study from an American security provider that has interviewed more than 500 IT security managers across Europe on the topic of security, only 9% stated that they feel safe from threats from their own employees.

No matter if internal hard drives, external data storage devices or data in the cloud, sensitive company information has to be encrypted. The Ponemon institute analyzed in 277 companies worldwide the consequences of data loss. There it was detected, that 36% of the incidents analyzed were caused negligently by employees. Analysts estimate that employees don’t even realize when they act hazardous.

Many factors come to play to provide a best possible comprehensive protection against “Insider Threats”.

As a basis, the encryption of data, in addition to hard drives as USB drives, eSata drives or burned CDs / DVDs should be encrypted with a certified process. The next precaution is application and device control with whitelist rules and certificates defined to determine access rights, which files can be transferred and applications launched.

The young and dynamic team behind DriveLock focuses on the continuous development of the product, because the security of your sensitive data is our priority.

DriveLock for Insider Threat Protection

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