External Threat Protection

The increasing digitization of the corporate world opens various possibilities for hackers and external attackers.

The attacks with the most media attention happen from the outside. The reasons are of criminal or economic nature most of the time. They serve sabotage against a competitor or espionage to get to Know-How or employees. The best ways for hackers to gain access to a company’s IT is through social engineering, theft of hard and software, penetration of corporate networks, smuggling in of malware or through targeted attacks.

69% of large organizations were attacked by an unauthorized outsider last year

Advanced Threat Protection for devices with DriveLock: Protection of employees from complex Advanced Persistent Threats

With the application control via white listing it can be defined, which software or processes can be executed. Therefore unauthorized software is being excluded from execution. The basis is the encryption of the data, where besides hard drives also USB flash drives, eSata Drives or burned CDs/ DVDs should be encrypted with certified methods. And where in cooperation with an application and device control, through the allocation of rights, whitelist rules and certificates it can be defined, who is allowed to see which file and or execute which application.

DriveLock for External Threat Protection

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