Cloud Security

Protect your data from theft, misuse and loss in the cloud.

Companies more and more have to exchange documents or work on documents together, beyond corporate boundaries. Because the private cloud cannot help out here (due to different infrastructures) employees are using cloud storage providers like Dropbox, GoogleDrive or DriveOne to enable an easy transfer of files.

Use of outsourced cloud data storage has increased from one-in-five in 2013, to nearly one-in-three 2105.

DriveLock can encrypt files before they leave the device into the cloud. The key belongs to the user and not the cloud provider (as with other commercial offerings).

If an employee visits websites outside of the company network without a VPN connection and therefore the company guidelines are not being deployed, the client can be infected with malware. To avoid employees storing files somewhere without their knowledge, they can provide Cloud Network Drives (OwnCloud, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.) and have the files encrypted there. Through DriveLocks interfaces and its inventory connected with a 3rd party security data feeder, a company can gain complete view of the device infrastructure and proactively recognize which current threats exist for the own infrastructure.

DriveLock for Cloud Security

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