The need for safety grows

The company’s pressure to act increases with the massive risk of economic damage. The responsible parties, especially the CIOs or CISOs have to cost efficiently minimize the remaining risks of an attack. There the misbelief is that an effective security solution has to be tied to high investments. Instead an important factor of success is the implementation of an effective security concept and this possibly before the occurrence of an incident. The most effective measures are relatively simple and affordable most of the time. A survey that covers the determining factors (contracts, Laws, Requirements) and defines exactly which corporate values (Know-How, personal information, company secrets) can be very helpful. This analysis should ensure that the goals for protection and the resulting actions are reasonable.

DriveLock supports you to come up with this survey and to define the suitable steps to follow.

There it is our priority that employee productivity is not affected. With DriveLock you can test upfront, how certain rules and requirements affect the systems and workflows of the employees. Providing full transparency without huge effort. It still should be the long term goal to set up a comprehensive security management which is transparent, working to consider resources and still is accepted by the employees performing their daily jobs.

DriveLock for CIO

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