Security Education

Forewarned, forearmed

Malware, Phishing, Social Engineering – attacks on your company can originate from multiple sources. Only a few employees are prepared for this. With DriveLock you can educate your team for the different areas of threats. In an interactive Online Training the participants can be taught how to identify malware and the optimal way to react.

More Compliance in all areas

From the DriveLock training you can benefit from a vast pool of predefined campaigns with picture and audio elements. These are informative, entertaining and produced to the highest level. Through multimedia elements and questionnaires you can customize the material based on your security policy and for example, include Human Resources. Through a central reporting of user behavior you will always have an up to date status of the security and compliance awareness of the employees.


  • Vast Pool of training material

  • Easy customization based on individual needs

  • Easy thematic expansion, e.g. non IT Topics

  • Easy inclusion of HR