Why do customers choose DriveLock?


Diamond PUR 2021 Endpoint Protection - User survey by techconsult. DriveLock as champion/>

Champion among users

DriveLock is the champion in the category Endpoint Protection.

533 interviews with application experts, including DriveLock customers,  gave DriveLock top ratings in the categories Company Rating and Solution Rating.

Overall rating: DriveLock is among the TOP4 of 32 market-relevant manufacturers.


Source: "Professional User Rating Security Solutions 2021". Survey of a total of 2000 application experts by the company techconsult in the summer of 2020.  

Diamond PUR 2021 Endpoint Protection - User survey by techconsult. DriveLock as champion

Extract of our customers

We have a large number of customers, but not all of them want to be named - after all, it is all about IT security.

On request, we can provide you with personally suitable examples from your industry.


Customer statements

DriveLock and DocMorris are not only producers and customers, but we are also partners. DocMorris was looking for a partner who wanted to do more than sell licenses and to help the customer meet new challenges.
Doc Morris Die Apotheke IT Security
Guido Schmitz
Head of IT Infrastructure & IT Services | DocMorris - The Pharmacy
I would choose DriveLock again and again because the solution is easy to administer and maintain for us as a company and DriveLock and its interfaces to us are a truly outstanding partnership.
Optibelt IT Security
Dirk Tollkühn
Head of IT Services | Arntz Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG (Arntz Optibelt Gruppe)
As a German security provider, DriveLock meets the current requirements and develops its solutions according to the market requirements.
Torsten Kunert
Key Account Manager | LargeNet GmbH