Effective protection against cyber attacks

Since the IT Security Act entered into force, cybersecurity has been a top priority in the public sector.

Outdated security tools, inadequate passwords, no encryption software - time and again the question arises as to whether public institutions and their data are sufficiently protected against cyber attacks.

DriveLock offers an IT all-around protection and meets all requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act. DriveLock automates compliance processes, taking into account the requirements of ISO 27001 and the Critical Infrastructure IT Security Act .


Prevents the download of unsecured applications


Controls all interfaces in your IT environment


Prevents Zero-Day-Exploits


Detects similarities between security incidents and rapidly eliminates them

DriveLock - made in Germany, no-backdoors

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A modern approach to IT security with DriveLock: With a security concept tailored to the exact requirements of each company, DriveLock provides extensive protection – from both internal and external threats – without affecting the efficiency of work processes. In this way, companies can align their strategic goals with their security goals and drive their business forward.

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