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DriveLock SE signs partnership with Romsym Data S. R. L.


First joint event with the new distributor is the Romsym Data Day 2017

Munich, Germany. 26 October 2017 – DriveLock SE, the endpoint protection specialist for industrial IoT headquartered in Munich, Germany and with subsidiaries around the world, announced today that Romsym Data S.R.L. has joined the DriveLock SE Partner Program as a DriveLock SE Distributor. The companies will already appear jointly at the Romsym Data Day Event 2017 today at the Grand Hotel Continental in Bucharest. Ralf Hart, Vice President Sales, and Marc Lemarquis, Director Presales, will represent DriveLock on-site and present the DriveLock Endpoint Protection Platform.
Headquartered in Bucharest, Romsym Data has proved itself to be one of the major software distributors in Romania. Since 1992, Romsym Data has maintained a growing portfolio of more than 150 solutions and over 200 partners, all over the country and in the EU. DriveLock is a first-mover addressing the advent of machine learning in the cybersecurity space and is currently the only company to successfully run Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Predictive Whitelisting on a global scale for major industrial corporations. In contrast to other solutions, DriveLock offers cloud-based AI for open-circuit environments, as well as on premise AI on the agent level for closed circuit environments with offline IIoT devices. In this way, it protects against both today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity threats to IT environments in the industrial and office sector.

“When we established the company 25 years ago, our aim was to bring new and efficient technologies to the Romanian market,” said Razvan Balint, Business Development Manager, Romsym Data. “We are constantly doing this and the new partnership with DriveLock SE is the proof of that. This new software completes the Romsym Data portfolio and gives us the possibility to provide our partners and their customers with a full security solution that will help them to protect their valuable company data from internal and external threats, misuse or loss. I am confident that this partnership between us and DriveLock has a great future.”

Ralf Hart, Vice President Sales at DriveLock SE: “This partnership is the result of the increasing demand for effective and future-proof cyber security solutions worldwide and confirms our drive to expand. Furthermore, it shows the value that our solutions provide outside Germany as well as in our home market. We’re excited about the partnership with Romsym Data and looking forward to our future cooperation. We also congratulate Romsym on their 25th anniversary.”

About Romsym Data
Romsym Data was set up in 1992, with the wish of supplying licensed software to the Romanian market, directly from the manufacturers. Everybody knew the delays involved in obtaining the latest versions of well-known programs used by PC owners, so we were determined to establish a distribution channel, which would shorten the long, unlawful path from owning legal software to obtaining the latest versions available on the market.

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