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Commentary on Linux Attacks


Munich, 30 October 2017
Dear readers,
As reported last week on, criminals are actively targeting smart IoT devices because companies often let security slide on these devices.
The following is a comment on this by the specialist Udo Riedel, CEO and CTO of DriveLock SE, a leading international provider of IT and data security solutions.
“The makers of IoT devices often focus on their functionality and do neglect the security aspect of their products. DriveLock is well aware of the trend for increasingly clever and sophisticated attacks on IoT devices running on Linux and Android. For that reason, we will be providing Application Control and Device Control – including Predictive Whitelisting based on artificial intelligence – for IoT devices on Linux and Android next year. In the manufacturing industry, DriveLock is already in use today on Windows-based IoT devices (from Windows XP to Windows 10) and protects multiple well-known manufacturers from this type of attack. We’ll be porting Predictive Whitelisting, a proven technology that features extensive analysis options using DriveLock Forensics while being easy to manage, to Linux and Android in order to protect these devices from malware and criminal activity.”

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Written by DriveLock