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DriveLock SE expands in USA and APAC


Endpoint Protection Platform now available in EMEA, USA and Asia-Pacific region
Munich, Germany - 05. October 2017 – DriveLock SE, a leading global provider of IT and data security solutions, announced today that it is expanding into new markets in the USA and Asia-Pacific following its success in EMEA. In doing so, the German-based company is responding to growing demand in these regions and will provide its advanced Endpoint Protection Platform with artificial intelligence (AI) in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
The security specialist DriveLock will base its activities in the USA in Pleasanton, near San Francisco, California. Its Asia-Pacific office will be located in Sydney, Australia. An especially important market in this region is Singapore. The financial services industry there has a particularly strong requirement for data protection due to the high volume of personal data that needs effective and future-proof protection.

DriveLock was one of the first security providers to implement AI and machine learning and has extended its Endpoint Protection Platform with these functions. DriveLock AI includes intelligent self-learning modules for application control, data loss prevention and forensics. The solution offers companies predictive whitelisting, which analyses user behaviour and, based on the results, automates the verification and installation of patches and applications. The Data Loss Prevention function uses keywords to create excerpts and summaries of files. This makes it much quicker and easier to classify confidential documents. The Forensics with AI automatically puts all events, actions, users and devices into context, delivering complete transparency to security teams and making it easier to detect suspicious activities.

“The IT threat landscape continues to evolve and cyber-attacks are not just increasingly complex but also becoming more global,” says Anton Kreuzer, CEO of DriveLock SE. “Expanding into the US and Asia-Pacific markets is the logical next step for us in our quest to make our advanced IT security solution available to users worldwide. The solutions must evolve continuously so that they are always a step ahead of cyber-threats. That’s why we at DriveLock never stop working on our Endpoint Protection. We want to perfect it and provide customers around the globe with modern, future-proof and fully integrated IT security that’s compliant with strict German standards.”
Written by DriveLock