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Comment on Bluetooth vulnerability Blueborne


Dear readers,
News of a security vulnerability in Bluetooth connections caused a furore last week among manufacturers and users of Bluetooth-enabled devices especially when it became clear that the flaw can enable criminals to access users’ valuable data. Millions of devices are affected. The following is a commentary on this issue by DriveLock SE, a leading global specialist in IT and data security.
Anton Kreuzer, CEO of DriveLock SE:
The US Department of Homeland Security has warned users of the new Blueborne threat that exploits Bluetooth connections. Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security has issued a similar warning. The vulnerability potentially affects all devices able to set up and use a Bluetooth connection.

Using DriveLock Application Control protects devices against Blueborne and eliminates the risk of this type of security vulnerability, which can enable malware to get into the device. DriveLock Application Control includes a predictive whitelisting function with machine learning, which prevents unrecognised, unauthorised and potentially harmful programs from being executed and causing damage. Predictive whitelisting also monitors user behaviour and checks applications against a list of 50 security criteria based on a complex algorithm.
No program is whitelisted unless it passes the test. In this way, the solution’s personalised protection goes beyond conventional application control. DriveLock Application Control protects both private and business data and is the first line of defence in the battle against cyber-threats.
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Written by DriveLock