Partnering with DriveLock

The German company DriveLock SE was founded in 1999 and is now one of the leading international specialists for IT and data security with offices and representations in Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East, and in the USA.
Our mission is to protect the company's data, devices and systems. To achieve this, we utilise state-of-the-art technologies, experienced security experts and solutions based on the Zero Trust model. In today's security architecture, Zero Trust means a paradigm shift according to the maxim "Never trust, always verify".
The DriveLock Zero Trust platform combines the following elements: Data Protection, Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Detection & Response and Identity & Access Management.
The fully integrated Zero Trust platform supports different operating systems, endpoint devices, and is offered as an on-premise solution as well as a Managed Security Service. The solution is Made in Germany and "without a Backdoor".
The DriveLock Partner Program offers different partner classifications for the business model and the overall marketing activities of the partnership. 

4 Reasons for a partnership with DriveLock

Attractive Partner Discounts

Effective Training Program

Innovative Solution




Varied Support & Teamwork


What to expect next?

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Training & Certification


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We hereby invite you to join the DriveLock Team as a DriveLock Partner!
Together we can expand into profitable new markets and acquire new customers. 
"Because the company is focused on the continuous development of its products aiming to provide an end to end solution to address insider threats. Other security products can likewise deliver but not as in-depth and granular as DriveLock."
Ms. Ma. Sherry B. Vargas
CEO at Altair i Solutions, Inc.
"DriveLock is a comprehensive solution for Encryption, Device Control, Application Control and Security. The dynamic team of DriveLock delivers services everyone loves."
Frankie Leung
Director at UDS Data Systems Limited
"We work in partnership with DriveLock because we see that we can provide a multi-layer and flexible Endpoint Protection solution to our customers, protecting them from different types of cyberattacks."
Mohammad Daoud
IT Technical Manager at Network Threat Solutions